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Does Aquaphor Expire? [How To Tell If Aquaphor Has Expired]

Aquaphor has many different uses, from helping to tame your eyebrows, to relieving chapped skin.

It can be hard to keep up with all of the different expiry dates different skincare products have, and does Aquaphor expire?

I’m going to share the answer to that question, as well as some advice on how to tell if your Aquaphor has expired.

Does Aquaphor Expire [How To Tell If Aquaphor Has Expired]

What Is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a water-based ointment that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions.

It is made from a variety of ingredients, including water, glycerin, petroleum jelly, and lanolin. Aquaphor is available over the counter and by prescription.

Aquaphor is used to treat dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, and other skin conditions.

It can also be used as a protectant against windburn and diaper rash. Aquaphor is safe for use on children and adults.

Aquaphor is skin ointment available in a variety of formulations, including a lip balm, a lotion, and a cream.

It is available as a diaper rash cream, as well as being available in an aerosol form. You can purchase Aquaphor Baby, which is a specific baby healing ointment.

Aquaphor is typically applied to the affected area two to three times per day.

Aquaphor is considered a safe and effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions, like relieving chapped skin from the cold weather.

However, as with any medication, there is a risk of side effects. The most common side effects of Aquaphor include dryness, redness, and itching.

How is Aquaphor Made?

Aquaphor is a water-based ointment that has been used for decades to protect and heal dry, cracked, and irritated skin, or be used as lip balm.

The active ingredient in Aquaphor is petrolatum, a type of petroleum jelly. Petrolatum is a natural by-product of the petroleum refining process.

And it is one of the most effective ingredients for preventing water loss from the skin, acting as a skin protectant type of product.

As well as containing petrolatum, Aquaphor contains other skin-friendly ingredients such as glycerin, lanolin, and mineral oil.

These ingredients work together to create a protective barrier on the skin that helps to lock in moisture and keep out irritants.

Aquaphor is available in both an original and an advanced formula, and it can be found in most drugstores and supermarkets, to help with skin problems.

Aquaphor Key Ingredients List

The key ingredients in Aquaphor are petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, and glycerin.

When you apply Aquaphor to your skin, it forms a barrier that helps to lock in moisture and protect your skin from irritants and other skin issues.

The petrolatum in Aquaphor makes it an effective healing ointment for dry, cracked skin, while the lanolin helps to soothe and protect chapped lips, and delicate skin.

Glycerin is a humectant that helps to keeps all skin types hydrated, and mineral oil helps to create a smooth texture. Together, these ingredients work to heal and protect your skin.

What Are The Different Uses For Aquaphor?

What Are The Different Uses For Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a healing ointment that has a variety of uses. It can be used to treat small cuts and scrapes, chapped lips, and dry skin. It can also be used to protect the skin from windburn and minor sunburn.

Aquaphor can be used to heal cracked heels, soften cuticles, and relieve diaper rash.

However, Aquaphor is not just for external use. It can also be used to treat minor eye irritations such as dryness and itchiness.

It can also be used to lubricate nasal passages and relieve congestion. As a result, Aquaphor is an essential product for anyone who wants to keep their skin healthy and hydrated.

What Does Aquaphor Feel Like On The Skin?

Aquaphor is a thick, greasy ointment that is often used to treat dry, cracked skin. It is made of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and lanolin, which form a barrier on the skin that helps to lock in moisture.

Aquaphor can be applied to any area of the body that is experiencing dryness, including the face, hands, and feet. It can also be used to protect the skin from chafing or windburn.

Because it is so thick, Aquaphor can feel heavy on the skin, and it may take some time to sink in completely. Once it does, however, it can provide long-lasting relief from dryness.

Is Aquaphor The Same As Vaseline?

Aquaphor is a petroleum-based ointment that is used to protect the skin. It is often used to treat dry skin, chapped lips, and minor cuts and scrapes.

Aquaphor is also used as a protectant for the skin before and after exposure to the sun.

Vaseline is also a petroleum-based product, but it is a jelly, not an ointment.

Vaseline is used to moisturize the skin and provide a barrier against irritants. It can also be used to help heal minor cuts and scrapes.

So, what’s the difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline? Aquaphor is thicker than Vaseline and is better for dry skin.

Vaseline is thinner and is better for chapped lips or minor cuts and scrapes.

How Do You Use Aquaphor Healing Ointment?

How Do You Use Aquaphor Healing Ointment?

To use Aquaphor Healing Ointment, simply apply it to the affected area as needed. For dry skin, it can be used as an everyday moisturizer.

For chapped lips, apply a small amount to the lips and massage it in until it’s fully absorbed.

For cracked heels or rough elbows, apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment before bed and cover the area with a bandage.

In the morning, remove the bandage and massage any remaining ointment into the skin.

For minor cuts and scrapes, apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment to help speed up the healing process.

Does Aquaphor Expire?

Aquaphor is a popular skin care product that helps protect and soothe dry, cracked and irritated skin.

It’s used to treat dry hands and feet, minor cuts, scrapes, burns and diaper rashes.

The product is made up of a combination of petrolatum and other ingredients like lanolin, mineral oil and glycerin that help keep the skin hydrated. But does Aquaphor expire?

The answer is yes, Aquaphor does have an expiration date; however it can last for several years if stored properly at room temperature or in a cool environment.

The expiration date should be printed on the label or package but if it isn’t visible you can easily check when your Aquaphor was purchased by checking for the manufacture date on your product.

Generally speaking the shelf life for Aquaphor products is 3-5 years from the manufacture date given it’s kept out of direct sunlight and heat sources.

If your Aquaphor has expired or you suspect it might be expired because there are signs like discoloration.

Plus, changes in texture or smell then discard immediately to avoid potential irritation or infection caused by using outdated products which may contain bacteria growth due to not being stored properly over time. 

Does Baby Aquaphor Expire?

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a popular choice for parents looking for a healing ointment for their babies. But does this ointment have an expiration date?

The answer is yes, Aquaphor Healing Ointment does expire. The expiration date for this ointment is typically two years from the date of manufacture.

This expiration date only applies to unopened containers of the ointment. Once a container is opened, the ointment should be used within one year.

So, if you have a container of Aquaphor Healing Ointment that is two years old or older, it is best to discard it.

And, if you have an opened container of the ointment, be sure to use it within one year for best results.

Babies have particularly sensitive skin, and are prone to skin reactions, so you don’t want to risk any skin irritation from using expired Baby Aquaphor.

How To Know When Aquaphor Has Expired?

To tell if your Aquaphor has expired, start by checking the packaging for an expiration date.

If there is no expiration date listed, look for a batch code.

This code can usually be found on the bottom or back of the package and will tell you when the product was manufactured. Aquaphor that is more than two years old is likely to be expired.

Another way to tell if your Aquaphor has expired is to smell it. Aquaphor that has gone bad will usually have an unpleasant, rancid smell.

If you notice any change in the scent of your Aquaphor, it is best to discard it.

If you are unsure whether your Aquaphor has expired, it is best to play it safe and throw it away.

Aquaphor that is no longer effective can actually be harmful to your skin. When in doubt, it is always best to err on the side of caution and start fresh with a new jar or tube of Aquaphor.

What Does Expired Aquaphor Look Like & Smell Like?

Expired Aquaphor usually takes on a yellow or brown color and may develop a gritty texture.

Plus, the scent of the ointment may change, becoming more pungent. If you are unsure whether your Aquaphor is expired, it is best to err on the side of caution and throw it away.

What Happens If You Use Expired Aquaphor?

What Happens If You Use Expired Aquaphor?

Aquaphor has a shelf life, and it is essential to discard the ointment after it has expired – it is not safe to use.

Using expired Aquaphor product can cause skin irritation, as the petrolatum may break down and become rancid.

The ointment may not provide the same level of moisturization as it did when it was new.

Can I Use Expired Aquaphor on A Tattoo?

Any good artist will tell you that aftercare is essential for keeping your tattoo looking its best.

For the first few days, keep the area clean and moist to prevent scabbing and help the healing process.

Many people turn to Aquaphor for this purpose, but what happens if you’re out of the ointment and your local store is closed? Can you use expired Aquaphor on a tattoo?

The short answer is no. Aquaphor contains ingredients that can break down over time, making it less effective at healing wounds.

Expired Aquaphor may be more likely to cause infections or other skin complications.

If you’re out of Aquaphor and need to moisturize your tattoo, try using a sterile saline solution or an over-the-counter ointment like Vaseline.

These products won’t expire as quickly as Aquaphor and will still help to keep your tattoo healthy during the healing process.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment does expire and should be discarded after two years from the date of manufacture for unopened containers, or one year from opening for opened containers.

To tell if Aquaphor has expired, check for an expiration date on the packaging.

If there is no expiration date listed, look for a batch code, which will tell you when the product was manufactured.

Expired Aquaphor usually takes on a yellow or brown color, and may have an unpleasant smell.

It is best to avoid using expired Aquaphor, as it may cause skin irritation or infection.