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What Happens If You Put Silver Dye On Orange Hair?

Are you looking for an eye-catching and unique new look? If so, have you considered dyeing orange hair with silver?

Silver can make a great accent color to bright orange, but before taking the plunge, what happens if you put silver dye on orange hair?

In this article, we’ll explore the different potential results and discuss the techniques needed to achieve them when dyeing your hair at home.

What Happens If You Put Silver Dye On Orange Hair?

What Happens If You Add Bleach To Orange Hair?

If you add bleach to orange hair, it can result in a number of unwanted outcomes. Firstly, the bleached hair could cause your hair to become dry and brittle due to its harsh chemicals, as well as potentially leading to breakage of the hair.

When bleaching orange hair with a regular lightening kit, there is a high chance that it will leave your locks an uneven shade or with patches of color left behind.

This is because orange has undertones of both yellow and red, which makes it difficult for these shades to lift evenly at the same time without significantly damaging your mane.

When using bleach on orange strands you also risk over-lifting which can lead to irreversible damage such as split ends or even bald spots if left unattended – something you definitely want to avoid, so when you wash your hair, follow up with a deep conditioning hair mask.

Which Hair Dye Colors Work On Orange Hair?

If you have orange hair and are looking to switch up your look, try using a hair dye color that goes with the natural tones of your hair.

By understanding the colors on the color wheel, you can easily figure out which colors go together. Orange sits opposite blue on the wheel, so those types of dyes will likely clash with your tresses.

Instead focus on dyes with yellow and orange undertones like light golden blond hair or honey brown. These colors will highlight your orange color without making it too dramatic or jarring.

Shades that incorporate maroon and purple hues could help add an extra dimension to your style by injecting berry-colored highlights into the mix for an overall auburn look from brown hair.

Reds such as copper or auburn can further emphasize the warmth of your existing orange tone while adding some added vibrancy to it.

For example, if you already have an intensely bold shade of orange hair, you could use these types of warm colors to create a multi-dimensional style with lighter pieces framing certain areas around your face for contrast.

It’s important that when selecting a hue for this type of situation always remember to stay in either the yellow or orange family because using any other color might be overwhelming visually speaking.

How To Fix Orange Hair Color When Using Bleach?

How To Fix Orange Hair Color When Using Bleach?

If you’ve experienced the brassy orange results of using bleach to color your hair, there are steps you can take to remove the orange and make it look more natural.

First, dye your hair with a shade that will neutralize the orange or yellow tones in your hair. This may be a dark hair color, ash blonde shade or if you dye your hair blonde, depending on how light your current color is and how much orange you need to get rid of.

Make sure that when selecting a color, you stay within two shades darker than your current shade so that you don’t end up with one too dark for your liking.

When applying the dye to neutralize the brassy tone, make sure not to leave it on longer than necessary, as this could cause further damage.

After rinsing out the dye and conditioning deep enough to restore moisture in your hair, use a toner if needed. A toner is used after bleaching, as it can help turn any brassy colors into cooler shades such as ash blonde or even gray.

If none of these options seem feasible, opt for a semi-permanent dye that won’t strip away proteins from your hair like permanent dye does, but still has enough pigmentation power to sufficiently cover up any unwanted orange or yellow tones in your hair.

Keep in mind though that no matter which method you choose to fix an overly orange look for your natural hair, after bleaching, regular touch ups will be required over time in order for it to remain looking natural.

What Happens If You Put Silver Dye On Orange Hair?

Using a silver dye on your orange hair is an effective way to tone down the orange. The silver will help to neutralize any warm tones you may have and give your hair a more natural hue.

When applying the dye, make sure you evenly coat all strands of your hair for best results.

Depending on how vibrant the orange is, you may want to use a blonde hair dye instead of the silver hair dye to further lighten and tone down the color. An ash blonde hair dye would be most suitable if this is what works for your individual needs.

If you really need to rid of the orange, it’s important that you consider bleaching your hair first, as it will lift out the existing color from your locks so that any new color can be applied.

Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance appointments at least every 4-6 weeks or so to keep any unwanted roots away and maintain even toning of your hair color overall.

Also remember that if you opt for a bleaching process, use heat protectants or deep conditioning masks afterward, as they will help restore some life back into those dry ends.

Can You Put Box Dye Over Orange Hair?

If you’ve got orange hair, you might be wondering if it is possible to use box dye to fix your orange hair and neutralize your brassy orange tones, if you don’t want to bleach your hair.

The answer is that it can work for some people, but it depends on how dark or light their orange hair is. If you have very dark orange hair, the best way to fix it is to use a toner or an ash blonde dye.

This will help tone down the yellow color of the dyed area and give you a more natural-looking shade of blonde.

However, if your orange hair is lighter, going straight to a blonde dye may be too harsh and create a silver-blonde hue instead of the golden one that you’re trying to achieve.

To get around this problem, try using a semi-permanent dye such as a light-brown or medium ash – these colors will help neutralize your orange hair without making any drastic changes.

Such as turning into an overly shiny silver-blonde tone. If you want even less change and just want to reduce the yellow tint in your already red/orange color, then choose from dyes specifically designed for that purpose.

They should contain blue or purple pigments which counteract yellow hair color tones and make them look more natural, so use a purple shampoo or blue shampoo.

Will Silver Hair Dye Cover Orange Hair?

Will Silver Hair Dye Cover Orange Hair?

If you have orange hair and are looking for a way to cover it up, there are several methods of doing so. One of the easiest ways is to use silver hair dye on the color of your hair.

Although many people think that only blonde hair dye will effectively hide the yellow and orange tones in their hair, silver hair dye can be just as effective at toning your hair.

The best way to do this is by first lightening your hair through bleaching or using other brightening products designed specifically for changing shades.

Once the initial bleaching process has been completed, you can then apply the silver hair dye across your entire head and let it sit according to package instructions.

After rinsing it out, you should find that your orange shade has been neutralized with a beautiful silver hue. This method also works well when trying to counteract any brassy tones in your hair, as long as they haven’t become too difficult to eliminate.

As with any color change job, always make sure that proper care is taken when applying or removing any type of product from your hair strands and be sure to follow all included instructions carefully.

Especially if you’re using a dye to neutralize your orange tones, as you don’t want damaged hair.


Dyeing orange hair with silver is a great way to achieve a unique and eye-catching look. Silver can help neutralize any warm tones, creating an overall cooler hue for your tresses.

Before dyeing, it is important to remember that if you are bleaching your hair beforehand, proper care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the strands. Be sure to use heat protecting products and condition deeply after rinsing out the bleach or dye.

When selecting a dye to your orange hair, stick within the yellow/orange family – this will avoid any unwanted results such as an overly vibrant color that doesn’t fit within the natural palette of your mane.

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