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Is Vaseline Bad For Your Eyelashes?

Are you wondering if your regular use of Vaseline on your eyelashes is doing more damage than good? As it turns out, the answer might surprise you. In this article, I’ll share the answer to is Vaseline bad for your eyelashes? I’ll share the effect of Vaseline on eyelashes, and discuss whether it could be bad for them eventually.

Is Vaseline Bad For Your Eyelashes?

What Is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a skin care product made from petroleum jelly. It is semisolid and translucent, with a distinct taste and smell.

First developed by Robert Augustus Chesebrough in 1859, it was initially believed to be of great medicinal value and is still used today as a first aid ointment.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly acts as an emollient – meaning that it helps keep the skin hydrated and soft by providing an occlusive barrier on the skin’s surface.

This barrier seals in moisture while preventing water loss due to evaporation or external factors such as wind, cold temperatures and low humidity levels.

Though primarily known for its use in terms of dry or chapped skin, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can also serve several other possible uses both within medical practices besides home remedies

What Are The Benefits Of Vaseline?

Vaseline is a petroleum-based product with many beneficial uses. It is most commonly used to moisturize, and can be found in almost any medicine cabinet. 

It can help hydrate dry skin, repair chapped lips and soften rough patches of skin on the elbows or knees. 

One of the main benefits of using Vaseline is that it locks in moisture and provides an effective barrier against environmental elements such as wind, cold temperatures, or air-conditioning which can dry out the skin. 

When applied correctly on the top of the skin and eyelid area, it helps to form a protective barrier, to protect against moisture loss. 

Another great benefit of applying Vaseline to your skin is that a little goes a long way; you don’t need much to cover large areas. Applying an appropriate amount of Vaseline will also avoid clogged pores, so there’s no risk for acne breakouts.

As well as its topical use, Vaseline can be very useful for treating minor cuts and scrapes due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which make it ideal for healing wounds faster. 

Being affordable and readily available makes Vaseline one of the best products to keep handy in your medicine cabinet, both inside and outside your home.

How To Apply Vaseline To Your Lashes?

Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes is a common and easy way to enhance the look of your lashes and make them appear thicker. 

To apply it, first wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry with a clean towel. Next, dip a Q-tip into pure Vaseline or petroleum jelly, and then brush it along the lash line between your upper lashes. 

Make sure you do not get too close to your eyes, as Vaseline can be irritating if it gets into them. 

Gently swipe Vaseline across each lash from root to tip until it is roughly covered. Using too much can cause clumping and make applying mascara more difficult, so try not to use more than needed. 

Once you’ve applied Vaseline, brush through your lashes with an old mascara wand or spoolie brush to evenly spread the product throughout each lash strand.

The best way to prevent any potential eye irritation is by using 100% pure petrolatum, which consists of just one ingredient: petroleum jelly.

If you have sensitive skin or highly reactive eyes, discuss with a dermatologist before using any cosmetic products on your eyelashes.

By routinely applying Vaseline onto the base of lashes at night before sleeping, this helps improve their softness while encouraging them to grow longer overtime when used consistently over time. 

Although there’s no scientific evidence that suggests this method actually works in making our eyelashes lush (as such results depend on other factors such as genetics), many people still swear by its magic powers.

Be aware that some people may experience clogged pores due to excessive use, but don’t fret – simply cleanse everything off before bedtime and always remember less is more when applying any beauty product near our delicate eye area.

Does Vaseline Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

Is Vaseline Bad For Your Eyelashes?

Using Vaseline on your eyelashes is something that has been debated for years. Many people believe it can help make your eyelashes grow longer, or even curl them. But is Vaseline actually bad for your eyelashes?

Vaseline can be used to help hair growth and when used correctly on skin and hair, it could possibly promote the growth of new lashes. 

A thin layer of Vaseline to coat your eyelashes every night can help moisturize the delicate hairs along the lash line and make them appear longer over time. 

It also helps to condition lashes, making them appear fuller and more defined. However, if you use too much Vaseline, it could have a negative impact by clogging pores along the lash line, which may interfere with hair growth or cause infection. 

If you want to try using Vaseline to curl your lashes but don’t want to put a heavy amount of Vaseline on them directly, you can use an old mascara wand or spoolie comb coated lightly in Petroleum Jelly before curling to add shine and slip while protecting against damage from heat styling tools like tight curlers. 

Just be careful not to apply too much as this may impede lash growth due to clogged follicles or attract dirt particles leading to bacterial buildup which will cause irritation around the eye area. 

Be sure that when using any product near eyes – even one as gentle as Petroleum Jelly – do so cautiously as sensitivity varies from person-to-person.

It’s always best practice not to get any product onto surrounding skin or into the eyes themselves, to prevent irritation or infection. 

Overall, there isn’t enough evidence either way yet that proves whether Vaseline is good or bad for long-term use on eyelashes; however, many folks choose this inexpensive option because they believe it may help nurture their lashes while providing conditioning benefits at the same time.

If opting for this method, though, caution must be taken not use excessive amounts and keep away from surrounding skin areas (including eyelids) to avoid potential risks associated with product use near sensitive areas like the eyes.

Does Vaseline Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

Many people are asking if Vaseline can make your lashes fall out, and the answer is not likely.

While applying Vaseline to your eyelashes may make them appear longer or thicker, it could damage them over time, since Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly that’s 100 percent mineral oil and wax, it doesn’t expire or go bad. However, like any product, it can become contaminated with bacteria over time.

Applying any product to your eyelashes should be done with care as part of a regular eyelash care routine. 

While Vaseline may make your lashes look fuller in the short term, its long-term use could cause dryness or breakage in the lashes.

Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly and contains mineral oil, dye, and preservatives which can clog pores on the skin without proper application and removal. 

When applied frequently to delicate eyelashes, it can coat the hair follicles, making them weak and brittle; leading to shedding of dead skin cells that are built up around each lash strand. 

This accumulation of dirt and bacteria around the hair strand can lead to infections or irritation of your eyes, resulting in premature shedding of healthy strands or other possible damage such as loss of coloration or thinning at the base. 

Also, using too much product consistently, may weigh down the length of your eyelashes, making them more apt to break off easily due to their additional weight. 

Though there is no definitive evidence that directly links Vaseline with causing eyelash loss, caution should still be taken when applying Vaseline near sensitive areas such as eyes; being sure not get any product into the eye itself, causing irritation and discomfort. 

Taking proper care when using products around the eyes, including removing makeup regularly, ensuring enough restful sleep every night for proper nourishment of eyes/lashes as well avoiding bad habits like rubbing tired eyes, which leads also leads to loss of lashes are all methods you should consider for maintaining healthy looking vibrant lashes.

Can You Use Vaseline For Eyelash Growth?

Can You Use Vaseline For Eyelash Growth?

Vaseline is a Petroleum-based jelly-like product which may help your eyelashes grow, but should be used with caution. When using Vaseline on eyelashes, it works as a lubricant and helps to keep the lashes nourished and moisturized. 

This in turn may make them appear thicker and longer than usual. It also has antioxidant properties that can protect the eyes from damage caused by free radicals, which can keep the eyes looking young and vibrant for longer.

However, it’s important to note that using Vaseline for eyelash growth isn’t properly tested or endorsed by beauty experts yet, so proceed with caution when trying this method out for yourself. 

You must ensure you apply only a tiny amount of Vaseline onto your lashes before bedtime, as too much could cause inflammation. 

Make sure to not get any close to your eye area as it can block pores which may result in infections further down the line. Lastly, if you do choose to use Vaseline on eyelashes, then remove all make – up thoroughly before applying a thin layer of Vaseline each night – otherwise this will prevent proper cleaning and hygiene around the eye area.

It’s possible that applying a small dose of Vaseline over time may indeed help your lashes grow longer, but this isn’t necessarily guaranteed since everyone’s eyelashes are different lengths naturally regardless of topical treatments being applied due to genetics or other external factors such as lifestyle habits or hormones.


Vaseline is a petrochemical-based product made from petroleum jelly that’s often used as a skin care product.

It has many uses, and some people believe it can help with eyelash growth because it helps create an occlusive barrier on the skin’s surface. This can help keep moisture in while preventing water loss.

But before applying Vaseline to your lashes to grow your eyelashes, you should take certain precautions due to its risk of clogging pores or irritating eyes if applied incorrectly and left on too long.

You should also not sleep with Vaseline on your eyelashes, as this may result in dirt and bacteria accumulation on the lashes while they are pressed against pillows during rest, leading to irritation around the eye area or infection overtime. 

Although there isn’t any scientific evidence that definitively proves whether Vaseline is good or bad for use around the eyes, it’s always best practice not get any product into the eyes itself and avoid using excessive amounts (less is more).

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