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XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

The XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation is the newest base product from Revolution’s newest brand. Revolution launched their newest sister brand this week; the XX Revolution brand, and they have set up an Instagram account for the new brand which is XXRevolution, and the bio of the account says “Beauty rewired. SkinXXmakeup”.

XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

credit: Revolution

XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

The difference between their other sister brands, is that the XX Revolution products are available via Revolution and also Boots (like Makeup Obsession), and not Superdrug like the rest of the Revolution products.

XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

This is a post dedicated to the XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation, and I’ve featured the H2 Glow Bomb Primer

This new XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation launch has an amazing 55 shades, and is described as having a lightweight, buildable coverage which is infused with illuminating pearl particles.

The XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxation contains hyaluronic acid for a more hydrating formula, and the medium to full coverage is said to be perfect for ‘customising your beat for your perfect glowing skin finish and lit from within radiance’. It’s also said to contain collagen and peptides.

XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

The whole premise behind the XX Revolution brand is the combination of skincare with makeup. So the formulas contain more skincare ingredients than say their main range products do.

This foundation claims to offer hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides, but there’s no mention anywhere (yet) on the amounts of those ingredients to know how much of a benefit these products would have on your skin.

XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation

This new foundation is £15 and contains 27ml of products, which is less than the average foundation. Drugstore and high end foundations tend to offer 30ml of product, so yes 3ml isn’t masses of product, it’s still something to consider when you’re paying £15 as that’s almost double the price of say a Rimmel foundation.

The packaging is very sleek, with a rectangular, frosted glass bottle with an XX on the front. The foundation has a super sleek pump, and it does look very luxe for a drugstore foundation.

XX Revolution claim that their XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation has 55 shades that cater to yellow, olive, pink, neutral, cool, golden, orange and warm undertones.

XX Revolution Glow Skin FauxxdationXX Revolution Glow Skin FauxxdationXX Revolution Glow Skin FauxxdationXX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation


FX0.05 Fairest skin – yellow undertone
FX0.1 Fairest skin – pink undertone
FX0.2 Fairest skin – light yellow undertone
FX0.3 Fairest skin – yellow undertone
FX0.5 Fair skin – pink undertone
FX0.7 Fair skin – light neutral undertone
FX1 Fair skin – neutral undertone
FX1.5 Fair skin – cool olive undertone
FX2 Fair skin – pink undertone
FX2.5 Fair skin – yellow undertone
FX3 Fair skin – cool undertone
FX3.5 Fair to light skin – neutral undertone
FX4 Light skin – pink undertone
FX4.5 Light skin – neutral undertone
FX5 Light skin – golden undertone
FX5.5 Light/medium skin – yellow undertone
FX5.7 Light/medium skin – olive undertone
FX6 Light/medium skin – neutral undertone
FX6.5 Light/medium skin – yellow undertone
FX7 Medium skin – neutral undertone
FX7.5 Medium skin – light yellow undertone
FX8 Medium skin – warm undertone
FX8.2 Medium skin – yellow undertone
FX8.5 Medium skin – yellow undertone
FX9 Medium skin – peach undertone
FX9.2 Medium skin – orange undertone
FX9.5 Medium skin – olive undertone
FX10 Medium skin – golden undertone
FX10.2 Deeper medium skin – neutral undertone
FX10.5 Medium skin – warm golden undertone
FX10.9 Medium skin – olive undertone
FX11 Medium/dark skin – peach undertone
FX11.2 Deeper medium skin – olive undertone
FX11.5 Deep medium skin – olive undertone
FX12 Medium/dark skin – neutral undertone
FX12.2 Medium/dark skin – olive undertone
FX12.5 Medium/dark skin – golden undertone
FX12.7 Medium/dark skin – orange undertone
FX13 Medium/dark skin – golden undertone
FX13.2 Dark skin – orange undertone
FX13.5 Medium/dark skin – neutral undertone
FX13.7 Dark skin – yellow undertone
FX14 Dark skin – cool undertone
FX14.2 Dark skin – olive undertone
FX14.5 Dark skin – olive undertone
FX14.7 Dark skin – orange undertone
FX15 Dark skin – red undertone
FX16 Dark skin – warm undertone
FX16.5 Dark skin – olive undertone
FX16.7 Dark skin – yellow undertone
FX17.5 Dark skin – olive undertone
FX17.7 Dark skin – orange undertone
FX18 Dark skin – warm undertone
FX18.5 Deep skin – warm olive undertone
FX20 Very rich, deep skin – warm undertone

The XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation is available right now, via the Revolution website. They only have swatches of a small amount of the shades, and no swatches of the XX Revolution Glow Skin Fauxxdation shades for deep/dark skin so hopefully they’ll remedy that ASAP so everyone is catered for. 

BUY HERE: Revolution / ULTA / Boots / Douglas 

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