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Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist

If you’re a fan of Vita Liberata, you’ll be glad to hear they’ve launched a brand new self tanning product. The Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist is the most recent addition to their self tanning range, and it also joins the recently launched Vita Liberata Body Blur Luminosity Gold.

Vita Liberata are a super popular tanning brand, known for their long lasting tanning mousses. In addition to their mousses, they do other formulas too, but this is their first mist format.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist

With the current global crisis, many of us aren’t going to be jet off on holiday this summer, so many people are looking for self tanning products which will help them achieve a summer glow.

There are lots of different tanning products to choose from, but the Vita Liberata products are formulated without perfume/fragrance and alcohol.

The Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist can help you achieve a subtle sun kissed glow to a deep beachy bronze, depending on your preference, allowing you to tailor your tan with this gorgeously grease-free, untinted tanning water.

Light-weight Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Mist dries in 1-2 minutes for rich, natural-looking results within 4-6 hours.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist

The Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist is £15 for 200ml, which is pretty reasonable for a high quality self tan. The formula allows you to begin customising your final shade immediately, by reapplying as soon as your first application dries for a deeper tan today. Or take it slow – top up daily to gradually intensify your glow.

This new Vita Liberate Self Tanning Mist is described as being richly hydrating, with organic aloe vera, liquorice and white tea extract to soothe and refresh your complexion, while hyaluronic acid plumps and revitalises the skin.

Directions are nice and easy. You just shake the bottle well before use, and pump the spray onto a tanning mitt and apply to clean, dry, exfoliated skin working your way up using long, circular movements.

It is recommended you allow 8 hours for the tan to fully develop, before rinsing with warm water, avoiding any oily shower gels.

To keep your tan looking its best, Vita Liberata recommend that you moisturise after bathing with a non oily/non perfumed body lotion. It’s available to buy right now…

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