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Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

The Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette has just launched, and it’s a beauty of a palette. I thought this weekend would be quiet with new beauty launches, seeing as it’s the Easter weekend but it’s nice to see that brands are still launching new products.

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette
credit: Viseart

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t know about you, but it feels like they only just launched their Chou Chou Palette, and now we have another launch.

I’m not complaining, I love that they’ve launched something new and perfect for summer. I would really like to see Viseart branch out into other products, like cream eyeshadows or eyeliners. I can only imagine how amazing they’d be.

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

The Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette is $39, and available to purchase via their website, and also on Beautylish (right here).

Whenever Viseart launch something new, it goes onto their site first then onto Beautylish and other stockists in the coming days/weeks.

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

This Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by the legendary spritz cocktail – and there’s even little bubbles on the cover of the palette.

The palette has their cardboard design, in a bright and vibrant orange with bubbles which is a really cute touch. Inside the palette, there’s 12 powder shadows and a mirror inside the lid.

Let’s toast to togetherness!  Embrace the feeling of bubbling possibility, reimagining a world where we can play together sketching in the sand.

Hold fast to your summertime dreams of camaraderie and melting apricot sunsets with our balmy, fizzing selection of lively luminous shadows.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Spritz cocktail, we’ve shaken, not stirred, a collection of 12 gorgeously glowing shades.

Cheers to you for collectively continuing to inspire us with your passion, hope, and sparkling pursuit of creative positivity.  Santé!

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette Shades

  • Ciambella: Sandy taupe with a matte finish
  • Prosecco: Warm prosecco with a shimmer finish
  • Tarocco: Peach beige with a matte finish
  • Brioche: Warm brown with a matte finish
  • Limoncello: Antiqued gold with a shimmer finish
  • Spritz: Sunkissed candied apricot with a shimmer finish
  • Fizz: Golden nude with a metallic finish
  • Arancia: Goldfinch with a shimmer finish
  • Balmy: Copper with a shimmer finish
  • Scala: Bronzed caramel with a shimmer finish
  • Granita: Sheer grenadine with a matte finish
  • Figura: Sun-ripened raspberry with a matte finish

Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

The Viseart Spritz Eyeshadow Palette is a stunner of a palette, and the colour story couldn’t be more perfect for summer.

Just writing about this palette is making me lust after a cocktail. I absolutely love the shades in this palette, and there’s not one shade I wish wasn’t in there.

With the Chou Chou palette, I just couldn’t get on board with the neon pink and silver, but all twelve of these shades are beautiful and I’m extremely tempted myself.

Whilst $39 might feel expensive for 12 shades, but it works out at $3.25 and you’d struggle to find a single drugstore eyeshadow for that price.


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