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Urban Decay Wired Palette

The Urban Decay Wired Palette has finally launched, as part of the super bold and colourful Urban Decay Wired Collection.

The collection consists of the Urban Decay Wired Palette, 24/7 Eye Pencils, Vice Lip Chemistry Lip Colours and some Transforming Liners.

It originally launched in the States, but now it’s finally here in the UK too, via the Urban Decay UK website.

Urban Decay Wired Palette

Urban Decay Wired Palette

The Urban Decay Wired Palette is the most talked about piece from the whole collection. If you’ve been a fan of Urban Decay for a long time, you’ll remember how iconic their palettes used to be.

They had incredible themes, really ornate packaging – in fact one even had a speaker to hear their tutorials through.

Who remembers their Book of Shadows series? Those palettes were incredible and I had three of the five they launched.

Over the last four years, it feels as if the brand has gone a lot more quiet with their new launches, and I can’t remember the last of their big launches.

When they launched the Naked Honey Palette, it was hardly spoken about, even though it was a stunner of a palette.

Do you remember the Electric Palette? It was so ahead of its time with a collection of the boldest and most vibrant shades imaginable, with excellent quality but it was discontinued.

Urban Decay never really replaced that palette, and there’s been a bold palette hole in their palette collection ever since. That’s where the Urban Decay Wired Palette steps in.

Urban Decay Wired Palette

The Urban Decay Wired Palette is £39 and contains ten shades with a powder formulation. The palette has a really cool matte black lid, with raised letters for ‘Wired’ in different colours and once you open the lid, the base of the palette holding the pans, is neon pink. 

It’s bright, vibrant and fun – and very Urban Decay. Each of the 10 shades contain x 1.2g of product, making each shade almost a full sized eyeshadow palette.

Urban Decay Wired Palette

This palette is described as containing ten pressed pigments in shockingly bright yet ultra-blendable shades for face, eye, and body.

There’s something really important to note with the Urban Decay Wired Palette, and that’s the layout of the shades. The ten shades are split into two sections – one section has 6 shades and the second section has 4 shades.

The first section is clearly labelled ‘for face, body & eye’, then the second smaller section is labelled ’for face & body’. The reason for that being the fact they’re pressed pigments, and likely to stain the eyes.

The shades in the face and body section aren’t recommended for the eyes as they’d be the most prone to staining. £39 does feel expensive for the Urban Decay Wired Palette when you can only use 6 on your eyes, because who realistically is going to use the other four on their face and body?

Urban Decay Wired Palette

I think it would’ve been so much better had the Urban Decay Wired Palette been marketed as an Electric 2 Palette, with an updated and more modern twist on the original.

When the original Electric Palette launched, it was so fresh and so unique but now every brand is launching bright shade palettes so there’s a lot more competition.

If you’re into body art, it could be that the Urban Decay Wired Palette really appeals to you, but the fact you can only use six on the eyes is disappointing.

Urban Decay palettes used to be so iconic, and so hotly anticipated, but they just don’t have that extra special USP about them anymore.

You only have to look at their seriously random, stuck in 2004 Moondust Body Illuminators to see they’re in a strange place right now.

I’ll always have a soft spot for Urban Decay, but the swatches on this Urban Decay Wired Palette are quite disappointing too, so it’s a pass from me but it is available now, if it was something you wanted to try.

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