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Tom Ford Lip Blush aka The World’s Fanciest Lip Balm?!

Tom Ford have just dropped their summer collection this week, including the Tom Ford Lip Blush right here. This has been a super busy week in the beauty world, with everyone launching their summer collections.

Many brands are adapting a more scaled down approach towards their new launches, especially as there can’t be any launch parties for any products or any brands right now. 

Tom Ford Lip Blush

Tom Ford Lip Blush

Around three to four years ago, it felt like every single brand was launching clear lip balms that featured dried flowers and petals inside.

It was a whole big craze, and the balms were clear in the bullet but miraculously turned pink on contact with the skin. When I first saw the Tom Ford Lip Blush, it instantly reminded me of those petal lipsticks, except considerably more luxe. 

Tom Ford Lip Blush

The Tom Ford Lip Blush is just one product from the Tom Ford Summer Soleil 2020 Collection, and I’ve also featured the new Glow Tinted Moisturizer too. The Tom Ford Lip Blush is £47.63 (here) and is currently available via Saks Fifth Avenue online.

Tom Ford Lip Blush

So what is the Tom Ford Lip Blush? Tom Ford describe it as being a moisturising lip balm which applies to the lips as a clear balm, but it instantly transforms into a beautiful pink hue to stain the lips.

Tom Ford Lip Blush

Lip Blush perfectly captures the gilded glow of TOM FORD Soleil with special gold-tone packaging and gold flecks. As you can see in the bullet of the balm, there’s lots of beautiful golden flecks, which complement the stunning gold metallic packaging perfectly.

Tom Ford Lip Blush

The Tom Ford Lip Blush is an extremely luxe lip balm which not only imparts moisture to the lips. It also adds a pretty pink colour too, hence the name Lip Blush.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fancy, extra looking lip balm before. And how could you not feel special when whipping this balm out of your handbag to apply? It really is beautiful and available right now.

BUY HERE: Saks / Sephora / Nordstrom / Beautylish / Neiman Marcus

All images belong to Tom Ford.

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