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Tati Beauty The Blendiful

When Tati Westbrook announced her Halo Beauty brand, there was a lot of negativity that she would choose supplements as her first launch. However, she recently launched Tati Beauty, her makeup brand and her very first launch was the Textured Neutrals Volume One Palette.

It was a massive success and still continues to sell out every time it’s restocked. The Textured Neutrals Palette is $48 and contains 24 eyeshadows in a mixture of finishes.

Following the hype surrounding her first makeup launch, everyone was excited to see what’s next… and along came the Tati Beauty The Blendiful.

Tati Beauty The Blendiful

The Tati Beauty The Blendiful is described as being the makeup applicator you didn’t know you needed. Described as being a game changing soft textured fabric tool, that’s designed to seamlessly apply & soften both liquid and powder products.

The rounded edge & pointed tip help to provide a perfect blend step to step in your makeup application.  It’s been designed to buff in your foundation with little product waste, experience seamless contour, smoother concealer & the most airbrushed powder application… even in those hard to reach areas of the face.

Tati Beauty The Blendiful

The Tati Beauty The Blendiful is essentially a packet of two blending puffs, one which is grey and a tear drop shape and one smaller brown heart shape puff.

They’re both washable and claim to work with liquids, creams and powders. Everyone seems to be going crazy over the Tati Beauty The Blendiful, but I really don’t get it. These ‘puffs’ have been used by Korean Beauty brands for a very long time, and they’re definitely not a new concept.

Tati marketed it as something that would ‘change the game’ but it’s really not that unique and many brands have a similar product on the market right now.

The BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff is identical, except it’s pink and has two sides offering two finishes on the one puff. Both sponges come with a ribbon strap which you slip over your fingers for application.

Tati Beauty The Blendiful

The Tati Beauty The Blendiful is $18/£13.75 for the two puffs, whilst the BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff is £13 for one. But it’s important to remember that the BeautyBlender version has two finishes on one puff, so there’s no need for a second sponge.

Both brand’s puffs have been created, so they can be folded, and used for different parts of the face. If you’ve been tempted by the Blendiful but didn’t want to pay international shipping and customs fees, I’d really recommend trying the BeautyBlender version as it offers the same benefits and is a lot more accessible for us in the UK.

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