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Glossier Trench Ultralip Lipstick Review / Swatches

The Glossier Trench Ultralip Lipstick wasn’t a shade which was on my radar. However, Olivia Rodrigo shared a video of her wearing Trench, and it looked so pretty on her, so naturally, I had to add it to my collection. I’ve already shared a review of the Portrait shade, and keep on reading to find …

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Glossier Monochromes Eyeshadow Palettes

There’s a very exciting Glossier launch this week, and it’s the Glossier Monochromes Eyeshadow Palettes collection. I have been patiently waiting for Glossier powder shadows, and now they’re finally happening, and I cannot wait to try them. I love the Glossier Skywash Liquid Shadows and their Lidstar Liquid Shadows, so I really hope these new …

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