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Clarins Bronzing Compact Summer 2021

Every single summer, Clarins launches a special edition bronzer, and the Clarins Bronzing Compact Summer 2021 edition has officially launched. The bronzers are always super popular every year, and there’s always a lot of anticipation ahead of the launch to see what the year’s design will be, and this year’s version has to be my …

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Illamasqua Colour Correcting Bronzers

There’s a really interesting and unique launch from Illamasqua today. The Illamasqua Colour Correcting Bronzers are unlike any other bronzers I’ve seen before, as they each have a blue streak down the centre of the pans, to help colour correct the skin. Keep on reading to find out more… BUY HERE: Beauty Bay / Illamasqua …

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