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Suqqu Designing Massage Cream

If you’re a fan of the Suqqu skincare range, they’re launching the Suqqu Designing Massage Cream this week as part of a campaign where they’re promoting their Gankin massage techniques. The Suqqu Designing Massage Cream is launching on the 23rd of July right here.

Suqqu Designing Massage Cream

Suqqu Designing Massage Cream

The Suqqu Designing Massage Cream has been specially designed for use during the Gankin Massage, and is described as being a multi-textured cream that firmly adheres to the skin, feeling soothing on the fingers and can be wipes away with ease. Leaving the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable with a refreshing floral citrus scent. 

Suqqu Designing Massage Cream

The formula is made with yeast extract and geranium thunbergii extract (moisturizing components), as well as four moisturizing/skincare components (marshmallow root extract, equisetum arvense extract, rose multiflora fruit extract, and green tea extract).

Suqqu Gankin Massage Technique

  1. Forehead – massage the muscles in the forehead.
  2. Around The Eyes – helps defined looking eyes.
  3. Around The Mouth – massage the muscles around the mouth, as if you’re lifting up the mouth’ corners.
  4. Around The Nose – condition the skin around the nose.
  5. Cheeks – massage the muscles around the cheeks and jaw for sharper definition.
  6. Jawline – create a sharper look
  7. Cool Down – enjoy the benefits of the massage and the scent of the cream as you gently drain.

These are just summarised steps of the Suqqu Gankin Massage techniques, but they share really helpful step by step videos of the seven steps over on their Instagram account, incase you want to learn how to do the massage yourself.

Suqqu Designing Massage Cream


Take a walnut-sized amount using the spatula provided, and spread over the entire face. After the GANKINMassage, use the attached Sponge Cloth to wipe away the excess cream or wash away the excess cream. In case of using as a facial mask, spread a generous amount of the cream over the face. After 2-3 minutes, wash away the excess cream with lukewarm water, or wipe it off using the Sponge Cloth.

There’s no mention on the price of the Suqqu Designing Massage Cream just yet, but it looks like it’s going to be available in two different sizes; 100g and 200g. It comes in a white plastic jar with a silver lid, and it is set to launch right here.


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