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Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder | $185 for a brush holder??

There’s always brands launching expensive products but the new Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder is on a whole other level.

Beautylish have teased the launch before it was revealed with a sign up list so people could be notified first upon launch, as well as little photos showing the product to build excitement ahead of the Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder launch.

Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder

Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder

Sonia G is a blogger and started her blog back in 2012. Sonia G. has cultivated a passion for well-crafted makeup brushes. After building a personal collection of over 2,000 brushes, she set out to create her own line of tools.

With an eye for exquisite craftsmanship, efficiency, and performance, Sonia designs brushes to bring joy to the experience of applying makeup—from the shape of the handles, to the feel of the bristles on the skin, to the flawless, perfectly blended results in the mirror.

Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder

There are currently 30 individual Sonia G brushes stocked at Beautylish, but they also have brush sets too. The brushes are very clearly high quality, and the reviews are glowing with many brushes showing as being out of stock as they are so highly sought after.

Well, the newest product; the Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder has certainly got people talking. With the sneak peeks, it was very obvious it was going to be a makeup brush holder so it wasn’t a massive surprise when Beautylish revealed the full product.

However, there was one surprise and that is the exorbitant price tag. This Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder aka wooden box costs $185, and I’m not joking.

It’s all everyone is talking about on Instagram right now. I haven’t ever tried the Sonia G brushes, but it’s evident that her products are very high quality, and special – but a makeup brush holder for nearly $200 is staggering.

The Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder is handmade by a Japanese artisan based in Hiroshima. He is renowned both in Japan and internationally for his stunning creations, his passion for art and for his craft.

”This item is entirely handmade with precious walnut wood and it is actually quite a challenging concept for a small wooden item. We sincerely did our very best to keep it as affordable as we could but it will come with a high cost as it is indeed extremely expensive to make.

Due to the cost, effort and time it requires, it will only be made in small quantities. It is not Limited Edition and will be produced as long as there is interest.”

Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder
The Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder has been made to have movable sections so the three pieces of wood can be moved to accommodate your makeup. This is a really clever idea, as it means you can move the sliders to fit whichever makeup items you want to store.

I’ve never seen any other makeup brush storage box offer this, so it really is unique and have you ever seen a walnut wood makeup brush holder? I sure as hell haven’t, it does look beautiful.

Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder

Yes the Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder is beautiful, made of walnut and has movable sections but $185? Even if I won the lottery, I could never justify nearly two hundred dollars on a wooden box.

I don’t know anyone that is so comfortable financially that they could justify $185 on a piece of wood that is only 20cm x 8cm – it’s not even big?!

You only have to look at the comments on the Beautylish Sonia G Wooden Brush Holder reveal post to see what everyone is thinking. It’ll be interesting to see if they sell at that price, but they launch tomorrow on Beautylish if you are wanting to purchase one.

All images belong to Beautylish and Sonia G.

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