So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel

So many brands are now capitalising on the hand sanitiser bandwagon, and the newest launch within the drugstore is the So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel.

If you grew up in the UK, I can almost guarantee your P.E bag had at least one So…? body spray throughout your time at school.

The air in the changing rooms was always filled with different So…? fragrances, and they’re still available today.

So... Pure & Clean Hand Gel

So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel

So…? have just launched a new hand sanitiser; the So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel, which is available in two sizes;

  • So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel 50ml £1.49
  • So…? Pure & Clean Hand Gel 100ml – only available in a bundle of three bottles via their website for £8

So... Pure & Clean Hand Gel

The So…? Pure and Clean Hand Sanitiser Gel helps to fight and protect your hands against bacteria within seconds, killing 99% of bacteria.

With 60% ethanol, it looks after you while leaving your hands with a long-lasting gorgeous scent. 

The bottle is also compact and perfect to take with you on-the-go! Are you ready for that light and fresh feeling?” – So…?

So... Pure & Clean Hand Gel


Spritz onto dry hands and make sure you use enough to cover all your gorgeous hands. Rub together until it dries naturally and enjoy your hands smelling bubbly clean and fresh.

Whilst I don’t know how effective this So…? hand sanitiser is, I think it’s a nice idea for say teens who are less likely to perhaps use a conventional hand gel. The scent sounds nice, and the spray format is really handy.

BUY HERE: Superdrug / So…?

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