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Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

Sisley Paris are a super luxe skincare brand, and they’ve just launched a brand new product within their Black Rose collection.

The Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid has generated quite a lot of hype online since its launch a few weeks ago.

The Sisley Black Rose collection now consists of the Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, Black Rose Precious Face Oil, Black Rose Cream Mask and the new Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

Described as being a refreshing eye fluid with exceptional revitalising performance, to smooth, open up and illuminate the eye in a single stroke.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

The fluid works to make dark circles appear less visible, and puffiness reduced, whilst the eye contour area is brightened up. Its rosy emulsion texture transforms on the skin’s surface into a fresh and melting gel.

Its cold ceramic applicator creates an immediate sensation of freshness and promotes massage. Formulated without essential oils, the skin is naturally scented thanks to the May Rose water.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid


Instantly, the eye contour area is smoothed, eyes are illuminated, dark areas are brightened and signs of fatigue are visibly diminished. Ideally moisturised and nourished, fresher and more rested, eyes radiate youth and beauty. 

Day after day, dark circles appears less visible and puffiness seem reduced. The eye contour area is freed from lines, smoothed for visibly younger-looking eyes. Energized, the gaze opens and regains its beautiful expressive power.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid Active Ingredients

  • Aquaous Black Rose extract: smoothes
  • Padina pavonica extract: moisturizes and smoothes
  • Vitamin E Acetate: protects
  • Red Vine extract: anti-dark circle, brightens
  • Caffeine: anti-puffiness
  • Chlorella extract: revitalises, illuminates
  • Oily Black Rose extract: softens
  • Solution of Biosaccharides: moisturizes
  • Shea oil: nourishes

The Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid is £108, and very pricey indeed. Especially as you only get 14ml of product, but as it is an eye product, you only need a very small amount of product per application.

Sisley Paris products are all quite expensive, but they do use very high quality ingredients, and this eye fluid has very impressive claims.

It claims to instantly smooth the eye contour area, as well as illuminating the area, brightening dark areas and diminishing any signs of fatigue. That’s really impressive for instant results from a product, so if you were to try it at a counter, you’d be able to see if those claims were visible for you, before deciding to make a purchase. 

With regular use, the Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid claims to reduce puffiness and make dark circles less visible. With the eye contour area being freed from lines, smoothed and energised.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

The Sisley website has a fun video with Poppy Delevigne, showing the product in use but it’s not the most helpful. For a product that costs over £100, you’d think they’d give us a video with helpful application tips, but it’s really strange.

I don’t think that video is going to make anyone want to purchase the product, but sites like Beautylish have a slightly more helpful description.

It’s essentially packaged like a pen, with a silver lid which pulls off to reveal a white, rounded and angled ceramic applicator that has a hole in the middle for the serum to dispense through.

I’ve tried products with a ceramic applicator before, and they feel so cooling on the skin, so I can only imagine how amazing the Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid would feel with the applicator.

I definitely think this is the kind of product you should try first at a counter if you can, as it’s so incredibly pricey, but if it does deliver on all its claims, it’s quite the wonder product.

All images belong to Sisley Paris.

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