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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror has been on my wishlist for the longest time, and after being wowed by the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Compact, I couldn’t wait to try the full size version of the Simplehuman mirrors.

I’ve tried many different light-up mirrors over the years, and they tend to be great straight out of the box, but the bulbs always dim over time. Plus, they always tend to be corded, meaning they’re not the most convenient, and you’re always restricted on where you can use it.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is a pricey mirror, so I wanted to test it for as long as possible, as I didn’t want to write a glowing review, only to discover that in the third month the bulbs starting to dim.

I don’t have the best eyesight anyway, so I need my light-up mirrors to be bright, so I can my makeup clearly, and be able to tweeze my brows, but I’ve never found a light-up mirror to be as bright as the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

It’s a spoiler I know, but I can absolutely confirm that the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror doesn’t dim whatsoever, even with multiple uses every day, and I’m now in month four, and the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is still as bright and high quality as it was the first day I took it out of the box. So let’s get onto my review…..

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

So who are Simplehuman? Simplehuman are an exciting brand that design everyday tools to help people become more efficient at home. Their products are simple, functional, and built to last, and the brand only creates products they would love to use themselves.

Some brands make their products in a way which you’ll need to repurchase and replace in the near distant future.

However, Simplehuman build their products to last, and the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror alone comes with a 5-year warranty which just emphasises the brand’s quality. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror also comes with a ’45 day risk free return’ policy too, which is amazing, as you know you’ll be able to return it if you found it didn’t suit your needs. 

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

Our sensor mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches. Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you’ll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless.

The touch-control brightness gives you fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness. And unlike traditional makeup vanity mirrors’ bulb lighting, our long-lasting LEDs won’t burn out or diminish even after years of use.

The mirror is cordless and rechargeable – one charge lasts up to 5 weeks. 5x magnification — ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face at once.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

In a nutshell, the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is a vanity/dressing table mirror, which offers 5x magnification. What makes this mirror so helpful, is that it’s rechargeable and cordless, and you get five weeks worth of use from one single charge.

You can still use it with the cord should you want to, but the freedom it gives you is amazing. I love being able to move the mirror around to wherever I want to use it. I love being able to use it in bed if I want to for my night time skincare routine, or use it whilst watching TV in the living room.

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is a heavy, well built-mirror with a weighted base and is fully adjustable, so you can tilt the mirror without moving the base at all. On the back of the mirror, there’s a clever touch-control function which allows you to change the brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux quickly, and easily.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

On the top of the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, there’s the sensor which will detect when you’re in front of the mirror, and again when you’ve moved away from the mirror to help conserve power.

The brightness of this mirror is incredible, and you can dim it to lower it, should you want to, but you’ll never want to use any other light-up mirror after using the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror as it’s so superior to any other light-up mirror I’ve tried.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is particularly impressive when it comes to makeup application, because it features a ‘tru-lux’ light system, designed to simulate the natural sunlight’s full colour spectrum, allowing you to see every detail, so you will always know when your makeup is colour correct and flawless.

You can see the colours and products you’re applying so vividly, and the 5x magnification isn’t so zoomed in you’re left feeling self conscious.

I like a 10x magnification, but they’re not the most forgiving, whereas the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror 5x magnification and lights will light up every brow hair for effective tweezing, as well as making your makeup application flawless.

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror also comes in four different colours; Brushed, Rose Gold, White and Pink. Mine is the ‘Brushed’ which looks so chic on my vanity, and is so luxurious and high quality. It’s an amazing mirror, and I’d repurchase it tomorrow if I had to, and they even have mirrors with speakers, and multiple magnifications in one, should you want to check out the rest of their mirror collection.


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