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ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

ROEN is a beautiful, clean beauty brand I’ve been enjoying getting to know, and I bought the ROEN Disco Eye Shadow after being really wowed by their Lid Illume Eyeshadow Palettes.

I have every single of their four pan palettes, and they’re amazing (reviews coming soon), so when Cult Beauty had a tiered discount event, I decided to order the ROEN Disco Eye Shadow to try, as I enjoyed their Lid Illume formula so much within their palettes.

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ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

ROEN Disco Eye Shadow

Welcome to the Disco! This Universal shade was made to offer the most unique and head-turning sparkle. Disco-Eye looks incredible on everyone, no joke (we’ve tested it on every eye within reach). Our formulas are a first of their kind innovation, that you won’t find anywhere else. This shadow is the perfect way to make any eye pop and sizzle. Disco is bold!

ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

What makes it different: Clean ingredients formulated with unique shapes and sizes of gold and silver pearl and reflex (not glitter), to give optimal reflective shine.

Gorgeous by itself to give a dewy effect without the greasy feel or finish, or layer on top of your favorite eyeshadows for that extra shine and texture.

ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

The ROEN Disco Eye Shadow is £25 / £29 which is expensive for just one single shade, but the formula of the shades within the palettes is truly amazing, and you do get a decent amount of product for your money, with 1.63g, which is more than a full sized MAC eyeshadow.

ROEN describe the Disco Eye as having a Lid Illume formula, and the box contains an instruction leaflet on how best to use the formula, as it is unique, and it’s not like standard eyeshadows, and they recommend the following;

  • Upon first use, swirl your fingertip in a circular motion on each eyeshadow shade. Don’t be afraid to use firm pressure. This will activate our Lid Illumes for optimal color payoff.
     For more pigment, apply directly to your eyelid using your fingertip.

ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

I did read some reviews of the ROEN Disco Eye Shadow prior to purchase, and everyone said how hard you have to press on the pan to get colour pay off.

The above swatch is done after swirling my fingertip onto the pan eight times, and pressing hard, and you can see there’s no pay off, just shimmery chunks. 

ROEN Disco Eye Shadow Review / Swatches

I still couldn’t get any pay off, so I pressed very hard onto the pan, and lightly scratched the surface to see if I could ‘activate’ this supposed Lid Illume formula, which you can see in the above photo – the pan is a mess, and still this is the colour payoff you get.

I am so disappointed. I cannot rave about the ROEN Eyeshadow Palettes enough, they feature cream eyeshadows which are metallic, pigmented and truly beautiful on the eyes.

This ROEN Disco Eye Shadow, however, is a chunky, greasy mess. I cannot get any payoff apart from chunks, and it’s gutting considering it’s £25 for one single shade. It’s not as if I could use it for any other use, so it’s just a massive waste.

I’ve tried everything to get this single shadow to work, and even pressing down and swirling as hard as I possibly can, and there’s no payoff. Just more broken, greasy chunks of shimmer.

I’d like to think that my shadow is a one off disappointing pan, as I’ve had zero issues with any of my four ROEN palettes. The ROEN Disco Eye Shadow is terrible, and probably the most disappointing makeup purchase I’ve made this year.

BUY HERE: Liberty London / Revolve Beauty / Cult Beauty / Saks / Niche Beauty 

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