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Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

When a brand like Revolution, launches so many new products, it’s difficult to feel excited about every new launch. However, when I saw the Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter collection, it was love at first sight.

Revolution know how to do two things very well – highlighters and eyeshadows, so whenever they launch a new highlighter or a new eyeshadow palette, I’m pretty much instantly sold.

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

credit: Revolution

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

Over the last month or so, the new Revolution launches have been mainly either Revolution Skincare launches or they’ve been Revolution Pro launches.

There have been so many Revolution Pro launches such as the new CC Cream (IT Cosmetics CC+ dupe anyone?), the new Ultimate Look Palettes, CC Perfecting Pressed Powder, Hydra Plump Glosses, Sculpting Bronzers and lots, lots more. 

If you’re new to the Revolution Pro brand, they’re one of the many Revolution sub-brands that focuses on slightly more luxe formulas and packaging compared to their main range. The prices are elevated to reflect the upgraded formulas/packaging, and the products tend to be £9+ each.

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

Normally whenever Revolution launches a new product, their photography for the products is incredible quality and pixel perfect. 

However, the photos for the Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter collection are very grainy, out of focus and not anything like their usual high quality. I’ve included one for you to see.

I’ve never seen Revolution upload product photos this grainy before, which is such a massive shame as these highlighters look incredible.

I really don’t think these photos do the products justice which is gutting as they’re the prettiest highlighters I’ve ever seen Revolution create. 

Not only are the images grainy and sub par, they have the same product images for two shades. The photos are exactly the same for both Rose Gold and Pink Gold which is obviously confusing. 

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

The Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter collection are £10 each, with four different shades, Usually whenever Revolution launch a product with numerous different shades, they include a shade description of each one so you can decide which one you prefer, but they haven’t for these highlighters. The names are quite simple, so it could be that they felt the names were descriptive enough; 

  • Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Rose Gold
  • Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter White Rose
  • Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Golden Rose
  • Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Pink Rose

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

These glowing highlighters are encased in a stunning gold glittery mirror compact, which has been sealed to ensure no snagging or damage.

Open the case to uncover the stunning highlighter, set in a luxury flower/ rose design.”

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

Each of the four Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter shades £10 contain 9 grams of product within a chunky, gold metallic compact.

The highlighters have a raised, flower design on the pan which is very reminiscent of the amazing Smashbox x Vlada MUA Petal Metal collaboration. It’s obvious that it was that collection, which inspired Revolution as the flower design, and metallic finish is the same.

The Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighters were incredible, but limited edition, so if you were gutted to miss out on that collab, the Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter collection could be a good alternative, and they’re obviously cheaper.

Looking at the shades on offer, it looks like the ‘pink’ shade within this Revolution collection might be a dupe for Prismatic Petal which was also a metallic pink, and for £10 they really are beautiful.

I might be tempted to order one once I’ve read reviews, but as the product images are wrong for two of the shades, you could potentially order the wrong shade.

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All images belong to Revolution.

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