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Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

There’s a new addition to the Revolution skincare range – the Revolution Passion Fruit Oil, which has just dropped onto the Revolution website. The Revolution Skincare range has grown considerably during 2020, with multiple new launches every week, and this new addition is part of their extensive range of serums and oils.

Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

credit: Revolution

Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

What the Revolution Passion Fruit Oil does:

This dry oil is great for providing the rich hydration without the greasy feeling of most oils. This fast absorbing formula is ideal for softening skin and moisturising. Rich in Vitamin F, an essential fatty acid (also known as Omega 6 or Linoleic Acid), it helps to maintain the soft and supple surface of the skin, preventing dryness or irritation without feeling heavy.

Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

What’s in it: 100% Passion Fruit Oil

Who’s it for: Oily or blemish prone skin types who still want to hydrate

How to use: Add a couple of drops into the palms of your hand and warm up. Then press gently into the skin. Use morning and evening for best results.

Revolution Passion Fruit Oil

The Revolution Passion Fruit Oil is £10 for just 30ml, and just like the rest of the Revolution serums, comes in a glass frosted bottle with a glass pipette delivery system.

I hadn’t ever heard of Passion Fruit Oil so I wasn’t sure if the price was high or low, but I’ve found a couple of other 100% pure passion fruit oils for only $6 and you can even purchase 100ml of the oil for only £14 on Amazon, so £10 for 30ml is expensive.

If you have oily skin but you’re in need for some lightweight hydration, the Revolution Passion Fruit Oil sounds really great and is currently on 3 for 2 across their whole skincare range.


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