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Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution two mega eyeshadow palettes today; the Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette and the Revolution Earth Eyeshadow Palette. These palettes are seriously massive, with 45 eyeshadows in a format similar to their giant Christmas 144 pan palettes. 

Whilst these two new palettes only launched this morning, they’re already proving to be quite divisive. Each of the two palettes contains 45 powder eyeshadows, but the price on these palettes is crazy high for Revolution.

Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

If like me, you’ve been a long time fan of the brand, you’ll definitely have noticed how much their prices have been sneaking up over the last twelve months or so. They used to be all about the £4 to £8 products, but their recent launches have been £10+.

Products are being launched with smaller volumes of product like the Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Foundation, which only contains 26ml which is really minimal for a foundation, but it’s £10 which is one of the highest foundation prices in the drugstore. 

Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

The Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette is £20, yep really. Twenty pounds. The palette has got really cheap looking packaging, which I can tell you are prone to cracking very easily.

I have one of the Revolution Reloaded Maxi Palettes and the plastic lid is so thin, that is cracked within days of being in my palette drawer.

For the Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette, they’ve covered the lid in red graffiti style patterns. I think they’re trying to tap in the popularity of celestial themed collections, but the design looks awful in my opinion. It reminds me of the toy makeup palettes we all played with when we were children.

Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

They’ve said that this palette is inspired by Mars the red planet, and it contains matte, shimmer and satin shades. There are some marbleized shadows, but if you compare the marbleized shades with each other, there’s some overlap with the colours.  

It does not look like  £20 palette, and what is so shocking about the launch of the Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette and Revolution Earth Eyeshadow Palette, is that they’re priced at £20 but the Reloaded Maxi Palettes used to be £12, and they’ve now sneakily upped the price on those palettes to £15, and we’re paying £5 extra for graffiti patterns on a plastic lid. 

Revolution Mars Eyeshadow Palette

For £20 you could buy something a lot more luxe, and high quality. It just blows my mind that you’d have to pay £20 for this palette, yet you could buy two of the ColourPop nine pan palettes for the same price, and ColourPop’s eyeshadow quality far outperforms Revolution, and the packaging is so much nicer too.

If you have £20 to spend, and you’d like a Revolution palette, I’d highly recommend the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes as they have 18 shades, and two of them would give you nearly the same amount of shades, with better quality packaging, and be slightly cheaper to!


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