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Revolution Glow Body Brush

The Revolution Glow collection launched in the US last week, and finally launched in the UK yesterday. The Revolution Glow Body Brush is just one product within the collection, alongside the Matte Bronzers, Face and Body Illuminators, Heatwave Eyeshadow Palette, Body Blending Brush and Beam Dream Primer.

Revolution Molten Body Glow Face and Body Liquid Illuminator

Revolution Glow Body Brush

It looks as if Revolution Glow isn’t actually a collection, and is more of another of their sister brands. They’ve launched an Instagram account purely for the Glow range and there were comments about there being self tan and other body products within the Glow range coming soon.

Revolution Glow Body Brush

I have to hold my hands up and admit, I really don’t understand why they’ve launched two body brushes at the same time. The Revolution Glow Body Blending Brush and then the Revolution Glow Body Brush. They both perform the same function, at blending body oils, body shimmer and body makeup into the skin. 

Revolution Glow Body Brush

It looks like the Revolution Glow Body Brush looks bigger than the Revolution Glow Body Blending Brush, and is £8 whereas this Revolution Glow Body Brush is £10.

Revolution have copied the design of the Iconic London Body Brush, except the Iconic London version is £33 so you’re saving £23 should you chose the Revolution version. 

Both brushes have densely packed synthetic bristles to buff product into the skin, and the only difference between them (apart from the price) is that the Revolution Glow Body Brush has a longer handle. The Revolution Glow Body Blending Brush doesn’t have a handle as such, but you absolutely don’t need both of them.

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