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Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

Revolution are launching a whole new sister brand, and it’s Relove By Revolution. The last time we saw the brand launch a sister brand was their XX Revolution brand which launched last summer, and Revolution have been sharing lots of hints and tips for weeks about their upcoming launch.

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Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

Relove By Revolution

Revolution has many different sister brands; I Heart Revolution, XX Revolution, Revolution Pro, Makeup Obsession and more. They all have different packaging, prices and are designed for different demographics.

When I saw the first reveals about the new sister brand, I did think it was perhaps the Makeup Obsession brand being rebranded, as they’ve been a lot quieter than normal, but it’s been confirmed Relove By Revolution is a whole new sister brand, with a difference. 

Everyone was still a little confused about what the Relove brand was going to be, but the whole brand launched today, and we’ve been able to get a full idea of what the brand is all about.

The brand has a tagline which is Every. Single. Thing. For. Everybody. Plus, it’s been revealed that the brand’s products will all be priced under £5, so this looks to be their cheapest, most affordable brand with more basic packaging.

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

It will undoubtedly appeal to those new with makeup, or those that like to experiment with makeup, and don’t want to spend lots of money when trying new trends or formulas. There’s a hell of a lot of products launching, and knowing Revolution, there’ll be a lot more coming our way too. 

This was the statement shared by Adam Minto; the founder of Revolution;

Hello 👋 to the RELOVE ❤️ the Brand within a Brand from @makeuprevolution This one is a personal one from US to YOU ❤️.

Reflecting on the incredible evolution of Revolution Beauty of the last seven years, how Team Revolution has evolved and the brands and products we have created for you, we wanted to go back, 7 years later …to the OG ! Yes the OG where we started

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

I remember Revolution starting, and I was one of the very lucky few which received a (then) Makeup Revolution press pack back in April 2014, and you can see the products right here, which I featured on my original beauty blog.

As you can see, the packaging, products and the brand have come a long, long way, and I feel very fortunate that I was one of the first bloggers to try their products.

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

I have posted over 170 Revolution reviews on since they launched, and I’ve posted 283 Revolution posts here on since I started the website. I’ve tried a lot of their products, and it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come as a brand. They’ve gone from having small endcap displays, to pop-up stores with global success.

So what do we know about the Relove brand? Relove By Revolution is an affordable sister brand of Revolution, where they’re going back to basics. It looks like the packaging is more basic, but I myself would prefer basic packaging, and have the money spent on the formula.

The reason why Revolution were so popular from the start, was the fact they could deliver in terms of formula, and I have no doubt the Relove By Revolution brand is going to be great. 

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

I have already been testing a Relove By Revolution product, as it appeared on the Beauty Bay website early last week, and as I was intrigued, I decided to order it, and I am considerably impressed.

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

I bought the Relove Super Matte Powder, which is a mattifying pressed powder which has been infused with pink clay and niacinamide, with a lightweight formula.

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

Calling all matte babes! Meet your next matte made in heaven with the Revolution Super Matte Pressed Powder. Designed with a team matte mantra in mind – because not everyone can do dewy!

The perfect partner for any matte base. Available in Launching in 12 shades to help you achieve the perfect matte finish. With a range of undertones this weightless, silky-soft powder blends effortlessly into skin for a natural finish that will help to keep midday shine at bay.

Richly-pigmented, this weightless powder offers a matte solution for oily complexions, or for those who are team matte.

I have a full review coming very soon, but it feels almost like a cream than it does a powder. It’s only £4 and is available in twelve shades. I have the Translucent shade, and there’s eleven tinted skintone shades, and it really is great. 

What other products are included within the collection?

Relove By Revolution Brand Reveal!

I am really intrigued to see what the quality is like, as the powder I tried is really great. It’s fab to have such an affordable brand, especially at a time when people’s beauty budgets might be tighter, and I’ll keep updating this post with information about the brand and products included within the big launch…

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