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Pixi Dream-y Mist

It’s always exciting whenever Pixi launch something new, and the Pixi Dream-y Mist is just one of the newest Pixi skincare launches available right here. When I first saw the name for this particular product, I assumed it was a pillow spray, but it’s definitely not something you must onto your bedding before trying to sleep.

Pixi Dream-y Mist

Pixi Dream-y Mist

The Pixi Dream-y Mist is £16 / $15 and contains 80ml of product within a purple plastic bottle. It has the same spray bottle design as all of their other facial mists within their skincare collection.

Described as being a multi use, deep sleep enhancing elixir which is said to packed with natural aromatics renowned for their soothing and relaxing qualities.

Key Ingredients

  • Jasmine nourishes & brightens
  • Lavender heals & soothes
  • Chamomile soothes & promotes sleep
  • Allantoin calms & protects

The Dream-y Mist is also infused with humectants and antioxidants for maximum restorative benefits and can be used as part of your skincare routine or misted on your pillow for a gentle calming effect.

I think the Pixi Dream-y Mist would be a great final step within your skincare routine, to calm the senses whilst also treating the skin at the same time. If you’re dying to try this new multi-use mist, it’s available right now.

BUY HERE: Cult BeautyPixi US / Pixi UK

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