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Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers

Pixi has launched a brand new product within their Clarity skincare collection. The Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers are the brand’s latest launch, and they’re adhesive blemish plasters, to help shrink your breakouts, and help with the healing process.


Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers

Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers

Discover your newest clear skin go-to! These barely-there pimple patches instantly minimize the appearance of blemishes while treating for balanced, clear and happy skin. Infused with Salicylic Acid, Cica and Green Tea to target and treat.

These blemish stickers are clear, circular discs, which you apply over the top of your blemishes, for up to six hours, to try and treat the blemish, and help with the healing process, post-breakout. 


  • Use daily and leave on for up to 6 hours.
  • Step 1: Remove patch from backing paper and apply to blemish.
  • Step 2: After use, gently remove patch and discard
  • Use on affected areas only.

Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers

Key Ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid – purifies
  • Centella Asiatica – clarifies
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – calms

The Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers are $12, and you get 24 blemish stickers within the box. Inside the box, you get two individually wrapped stripes, and on each strip, you’re getting twelve blemish stickers.

Having the strips individually wrapped, means you’re keeping twelve of the stickers fresh, whilst using the other packet. I know some would prefer the minimum packaging, but this way, the ingredients will be kept fresh until you’re ready to open the second strip.

I personally really like using blemish stickers. They’re perfect for overnight, as some spot treatments can end up transferring onto your pillowcase, whereas these types of stickers stay put all night, with no transfer issues, and you’ll wake up to much calmer skin, and inflammation reduced.

They’re a great addition to the Pixi Clarity collection, which is designed to clarify, detox and remove impurities. If you’d like to try the Pixi Beauty Clarity Blemish Stickers, they’re available right now.


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