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Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

The Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021 is back this year, after selling out the last two years, and again, it’s a beautiful and luxurious advent calendar showcasing the very best of what Penhaligon’s have to offer. If you’d like to find out more, keep on reading….

*Click here for a Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2022 [Contents Reveal]*


Penhaligon's Advent Calendar 2021

Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021

Just like their 2020 offering, the Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021 is designed to resemble one of the iconic Penhaligon’s fragrance bottles. Complete with a removable forest green bow around the neck of the ‘bottle’.

Penhaligon's Advent Calendar 2021

Their cardboard bottle shaped calendar is designed to be reused, and opens up to reveal twenty four doors. I love the design of this year’s calendar, with a candy cane striped print on the outside, and a forest green interior to complement the colour of the bow.

Penhaligon's Advent Calendar 2021

So which products are included within the Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021?

  • Halfeti Body Hand Wash 30ml
  • Halfeti 10ml
  • Halfeti 5ml
  • Halfeti Cedar 5ml
  • Quercus 5ml
  • Ambar Stone 35g
  • Endymion Concentre 5ml
  • Evergreen Charm
  • Juniper Sling 5ml
  • Luna Body Hand Wash 30ml
  • Lord George 10ml
  • Elisabethan Rose 5ml
  • The Favourite 10ml
  • Maduro Leaf Candle 65
  • Blenheim Bouquet 5ml
  • Pen Lip Balm OB 15g
  • Empressa 10ml
  • Christmas Charm
  • Comoros Pearl 35g
  • Endymion 10ml
  • Luna 10ml
  • Babylon 10ml
  • Roanoke Ivy 35g
  • Duchess Rose 10ml 

When does the Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar 2021 launch? It’s one of the earlier offerings, and will be available on the 1st of September, and will set you back £375 once it launches.


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