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Omorovicza Scalp Reviver

The Omorovicza Scalp Reviver is the newest scalp treatment from Omorovicza, and joins their existing Revitalising Scalp Mask.

The Revitalising Scalp Mask is a pre-shampoo treatment which draws out impurities, provides immediate soothing and calming benefits, whilst salicylic acid gently exfoliates to minimise flaking and unblock hair follicles.

It sounds like an all-in-one treatment, so I was interested to see what the Omorovicza Scalp Reviver claimed to offer that the Scalp Mask didn’t.

Omorovicza Scalp Reviver

Omorovicza Scalp Reviver

The Omorovicza Scalp Reviver is designed to refresh and revive the scalp in-between washes, with a non-sticky formula that absorbs excess oil in the roots whilst salicylic acid gently exfoliates to remove product build-up and unblock hair follicles.

It’s infused with menthol and camphor to soothe irritated scalps, and also shields against environmental aggressors and boosts moisture levels for instant comfort.


Shake product well before use. Using the pipette, apply a few Omorovicza Scalp Reviver drops directly to a dry scalp, sectioning the hair as required. Once applied, massage gently at the roots. Use in-between washes, whenever the scalp needs refreshing.


• Silica absorbs excess oil at the roots, reducing greasiness and visibly refreshing hair
• Salicylic acid gently exfoliates, removing product build-up and unblocking hair follicles, thus stimulating and encouraging healthy hair growth
• Camphor and menthol immediately cool, refresh and soothe
• Pea extract protects against free radical damage and air pollutants, shielding the scalp from urban stress
• A blend of essential oils, including mint leaf, lavender and lemon peel stimulate blood circulation to the scalp to promote hair follicle growth
• A complex of amino acids, natural emollients and humectants restore the scalp’s ideal physiological balance, boosting its ability to retain moisture and providing a feeling of instant comfort
• Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate™ to leave skin firmer, suppler and more youthful in appearance

Omorovicza Scalp Reviver

The Omorovicza Scalp Reviver is £65 via the Omorovicza UK website, and contains 50ml of product. The Omorovicza Scalp Reviver is available right now, and is packaged within a super sleek silver coloured, frosted glass bottle with a pipette dispenser.

 Omorovicza are a super luxe skincare brand, so I did expect this new product to be pricey but it does feel very expensive for a scalp product. 50ml really isn’t very much for a product you’d apply to your scalp.

Other brands which offer scalp treatments, tend to offer 100ml+ as it’s something you’d need a lot of. The directions suggest you only apply the treatment in a couple of drops to dry scalp, and then massage into the scalp.

If there was more than 50ml in the glass bottle, the Omorovicza Scalp Reviver is something I’d be really tempted to try. I like that it claims to visibly refresh the hair, exfoliate the scalp, removes product build up, unblocks hair follicles, encourages healthy hair growth and that is can help to restore the scalp’s physiological balance, which will boot is ability to retain moisture.

Omorovicza Scalp Reviver

One of the claims which has left me feeling a little confused, is the Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate which supposedly works to “leave skin firmer, suppler and more youthful in appearance”.

I have a really problematic scalp, but I can tell you for sure, the firmness and youthfulness of my scalp isn’t something I worry about.

It’s a really strange claim and something you’d maybe expect to see on a facial serum, and not something you’d expect to see on a scalp treatment. If this scalp treatment sounds like something you would like to try, it’s available via the Omorovicza website now.


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