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NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints

The NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints have launched with Halloween in mind, and did you know that NYX is the official makeup partner of Cirque du Soleil? I didn’t, but it’s advertised on their website, and these paints are supposedly being used within the production.

If you watch a lot of beauty TikTok videos, there are a lot of transformation videos, so I reckon the NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints will be popular on TikTok, for creating lots of cool makeup looks in the run-up to Halloween.


NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints

What Are The NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints?

The NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints are limited edition Halloween inspired SFX face and body paints. There are six paints to choose from, and they’re $14 each, containing 15ml of product, within a squeezy plastic tube.

It was all a dream… step into the fantasy world inspired by Cirque Du Soleil this Halloween with SFX makeup made to perform. Introducing the hottest new Halloween costume enhancer of the year, our SFX Face and Body Paints are ready for the big top.

NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints

Described as being pigment-packed paints are designed for pro-level artistry with 5 star performance. They claim to be one-swipe magic paints, with a formula that’s smooth, creamy, smudge-resistant and highly saturated. They can be used on the eyes, face and body for bold color blocking, precision application or wowing illustion SFX artistry.

NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints

The NYX SFX Matte Face & Body Paints are available in the following shades;

  • 01 Dragon Eyes
  • 02 Fired Up
  • 03 Dreamweaver
  • 04 Must Sea
  • 05 Gold Dusk
  • 06 Dark Dream


Use fingertips or brush to sweep pigment-packed paints onto eyelids and face for added dimension to any look.

If you like creative makeup, or SFX, these paints could be a good, cruelty-free option, if you don’t want to purchase a product like the MAC Paintsticks, and MAC obviously isn’t cruelty-free. If you’d like to check out the new NYX face paints, they’re available right now.


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