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NYX Pro Foundation Palette

Did you know that NYX had launched a cream foundation palette?! I know I didn’t, and I have no idea when the NYX Pro Foundation Palette officially launched.

It does show up as being a new product on the NYX UK website, but other retailers like ULTA are showing it’s been around for a few months.

It looks like it might just be new to the UK, but I wanted to feature it as it looks remarkably similar to the RMCA Foundation Palette, except the RMCA Palette is £60 and the NYX Pro Foundation Palette is £35.

NYX Pro Foundation Palette

NYX Pro Foundation Palette

This is a vegan cream foundation palette, which has been created with makeup artists in mind. It features sixteen different cream foundation shades, allowing you to custom mix and blend your desired shade. The RCMA version features 18 shades, whereas this palette has 16.

NYX Pro Foundation Palette

In terms of packaging comparison, they’re both very similar. With a black plastic design and then square pans. The RCMA Palette has  mirror but this one doesn’t which is very strange.

The NYX Pro Foundation Palette contains 16 x 1.1g pans, and the RCMA Foundation Palette contains 18 x 2.20g pans.

So that is something to consider. Yes this palette is almost half the price of the RCMA palette, but it also contains half the amount of product too. So you might think you’re getting a bargain at £35, but it’s just not that straight forward.

NYX Pro Foundation Palette

The NYX Pro Foundation Palette claims to deliver insanely concentrated color with a satin-matte finish. Featuring a buttery texture, each ultra-pigmented yet lightweight hue was made for building coverage and blending with ease. 

NYX Pro Foundation Palette

Looking at the reviews on the NYX US website, nearly everyone complained about how tiny this palette is. If you’re a makeup artist, you need something that’s going to last for client to client.

1.1g pans are absolutely tiny, and smaller than one MAC single eyeshadow – really, really small for a foundation palette.

Other reviewers commented on how sheer the NYX Pro Foundation Palette was too, which is the opposite of what you need. You don’t want to have to mix the shades with another medium in order to get great coverage, and this palette claims to be ‘ultra pigmented’. 

For £35, it’s pricey for a drugstore brand so it’s something I’d recommend seeing in person just so you know what you’re buying to avoid potential disappointment.

I think it’s great palettes like this are becoming more accessible, but at half the product of the RCMA version, I’m not sure it’s as good a deal as it sounds.


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