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Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

Did you use Nivea suncream whilst growing up? I know I did, and Nivea tried to tap into the whole nostalgia trend by launching the Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette.

Nivea’s suncreams have the same scent, and it’s an unmistakable scent that reminds many of us or happy summery memories.

They launched a shower gel a couple of years ago, which had the same summery scent and it proved to be a big seller for the brand. They have now gone one further and created a matching perfume.

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

The original Nivea Sun fragrance is now available in an eau de toilette formate, evoking light-hearted summer memories with fragrant notes of the unique, iconic NIVEA SUN sun cream.

The new Eau de Toilette in the round, sun-yellow bottle, releases a refreshing scent of sun-kissed skin and memories of carefree summer days. 

The notes feature clear floral shades, white spicy notes and woody tones that blend perfectly with the luxuriousness of warm skin.

The fresh citrus cocktail and zesty fragrance immediately create a good mood and a refreshing feel on the skin.

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

With the round, sun-yellow perfume bottle and the unmistakable, iconic NIVEA Sun Cream scent, the NIVEA SUN EDT brings back memories of wonderfully sun-kissed skin.

The unique fragrance was developed in 1994 by the perfumer Jean-Paul Pons, especially for NIVEA Sun skin protection products.

For a special, refreshing kick, the top note of the Eau de Toilette provides ladies with fresh, green notes.

The gorgeous sparkling citrus fragrance mix invigorates the senses with every application and instantly creates a wonderfully positive mood and a unique, refreshing feel on the skin.

The Eau de Toilette for women is characterised by rich and sunny, floral notes that capture the emotional feeling of summer.

The scent is complemented by a velvety, powdery-warm base note, which blends perfectly with the gentleness of warm skin and completes the summery scent experience.

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

The Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette is £25 for 30ml. Yes really. When I first saw the price for the Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette, I genuinely believed there had been a pricing error as I’m stunned by how expensive this Nivea fragrance is.

Nivea are a affordable drugstore brand, so the fact they’re charging £25 for a 30ml size bottle blows my mind.

Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette

I love the Nivea scent, and regularly buy the shower gel as it reminds me of happy holidays when I was little.

I really liked the idea of the Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette, and being able to layer the scent when using the matching shower gel but I definitely wouldn’t pay £25, but that’s just me.

They actually sell a fragrance version of their original scent of their cream in the metal tins, and that has 1700 reviews on Amazon, and it’s £22 a bottle. 

They’ve made it an Amazon exclusive which might be why the price is higher, as it’s not something you can just go in and purchase off the shelf in Superdrug.

I really like the bright, sunshine yellow bottle design, and the notes sound right up my street. If you do like the sound of the Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette, it’s available to purchase right now.


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