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My Eyelash Extensions Only Last A Week [The Cause + Fix]

If you’re lucky enough to have long, luscious lashes, then you know the importance of taking care of them.

But what happens when my eyelash extensions only last a week? There are a few possible causes for this, but don’t worry – there are also some easy fixes! Keep on reading to find out more about some top extensions tips…

My Eyelash Extensions Only Last A Week [The Cause + Fix]

What Is The Purpose Of Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are a great way to enhance the look of your eyes. They provide more volume and length to natural lashes, giving them the appearance of lush, fluttery volume.

Lash extensions have become very popular over the years due to their ability to create dramatic looks without the hassle of applying mascara every day.

The purpose of lash extensions is to make your eyes appear fuller and longer instantly.

With proper application, lash extensions can last anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks or even longer when properly cared for.

Lash artists carefully select individual synthetic lashes that mimic real human eyelashes and professionally apply them one-by-one along each natural lash line, within the eye area, with medical grade adhesive glue that won’t cause irritation or damage your natural lashes.

When applied correctly, they should blend seamlessly with your natural eyelashes, creating a beautiful frame around your eyes which will brighten up any makeup look.

Most lash extension sets come in various lengths and thicknesses, giving you many options depending on what kind of effect you want to achieve with your new luscious lashes-anything from subtle enhancements to more dramatic looks like cat eye styles.

Some salons also offer customized sets designed specifically for each client, so it’s important that you speak with your technician first before deciding what type of set will work best for you. They can ensure they’re using the right lash sealant to keep them in place.

How Do Lash Extensions Stay On?

Lash extensions are a popular way to add length and volume to lashes. When applied correctly, they can last up to six weeks with proper care. This begs the question: How do lash extensions stay on?

The answer lies in the adhesive used during application. Eyelash technicians use medical-grade adhesives that create an incredibly strong bond between the natural lash and the extension.

The glue usually contains proteins, polypeptides and vitamins which aid in strengthening lashes while keeping them flexible so that it’s more comfortable to wear them for long periods of time.

Two types of glues are available when applying eyelashes – latex-based glue and silicone-based glue – though there is some variation between individual brands.

Latex-based glues are typically faster setting but have a shorter lifespan than silicone-based glues, which set slower but last longer.

Each type of adhesive has varying degrees of flexibility and strength depending on brand and formula; some may contain oils or other components to further increase durability or comfortability for wearers.

When properly applied by experienced professionals, most eyelash extensions can be expected to last up to six weeks with proper maintenance.

Cleaning every one or two days as well as avoiding oil or waterproof makeup products around your eyes should help ensure your lashes remain strong and secure throughout their lifespan.

What Is The Best Eyelash Extensions Adhesive To Make Eyelash Extensions Last The Longest?

The best eyelash extensions adhesive to make lash extensions last the longest is a medical-grade glue. Medical grade glues are designed to adhere better and longer than conventional craft glue.

When selecting an adhesive to protect against lost extensions, look for one that contains two active ingredients: cyanoacrylate and octylcyanoacrylate.

These ingredients allow the lashes to stick securely in place while also allowing some flexibility, so they don’t become brittle or break off before their longevity period is over.

An eyelash extension adhesive should be formaldehyde free and labeled as safe for use near the eyes. It is important to read through the label carefully before buying an adhesive because not all products are suited for extra sensitive skin types or those who suffer from allergies.

A good medical-grade lash extension adhesive will have a thin layer of rubber between it and your eyes, which will help to protect you from irritation caused by any possible chemicals inside it.

This type of adhesive does not require heat in order to activate it which can be safer for your skin as well as less damaging on your natural lashes when you remove them at the end of their cycle.

How Long Are Eyelash Extensions Supposed to Last?

Eyelash extensions are meant to last anywhere from 4–8 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle and how well you take care of them.

Your natural lash growth cycle is roughly six weeks long, so this is the ideal amount of time for which your extensions will stay intact.

To maximize their longevity, it’s important that you thoroughly clean and maintain your lashes.

This means gently brushing through them with a spoolie brush every morning and night to remove dirt or product build-up as well as make sure they don’t get tangled.

Avoid any oil-based products around the eyes, and in general handle the extensions delicately while washing/drying your face or sleeping.

If cared for correctly, some people may be able to extend the life of their eyelash extensions up to two months.

What Are the Best Eyelash Extensions that Last the Longest?

What Are the Best Eyelash Extensions that Last the Longest?

Arguably, the best eyelash extensions that last the longest are those made of synthetic mink. Synthetic mink eyelashes look natural and can hold their curl for up to 10 weeks.

The synthetic mink is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for those who want long-lasting wear without sacrificing aesthetics.

Synthetic mink lashes feel soft against your skin and are extremely durable, making them perfect for someone who doesn’t want to worry about their lashes breaking or falling out prematurely.

When applying false lashes from synthetic mink material, be sure to use a latex-free glue so that it won’t irritate your eyes or the surrounding areas of your face.

After application, you should also plump up your newly applied fake eyelashes with special mascara designed specifically for this purpose to prevent premature shedding.

When picking the right lash extension material for you, make sure that whatever choice you make is lightweight and breathable enough so as not to cause discomfort on the eyes over time.

Synthetic mink eyelashes are often considered the gold standard when it comes to long lasting wear, since they can maintain their shape and texture even after months of use.

As an added bonus, synthetic mink eyelash extensions typically come in multiple colors, giving you a wide variety of options as well as an opportunity to experiment with different looks without compromising durability.

Is It Normal for Lash Extensions to Fall Out?

The short answer is yes. It is totally normal for lash extensions to fall out, and to lose lashes per day while wearing them on the eyes, just like it is normal for natural lashes to fall out during your eyelash cycle, and it’s just the lash shedding process, and new lash fibers growing.

However, if you are experiencing rapid or extreme shedding of lash extensions, this could be a sign that the adhesive used was not strong enough or of poor quality.

It could also mean that incorrect aftercare practices were applied. Make sure to perform extensive research when selecting a lash professional technician for lash extensions and ask them about steps they will take to ensure adhesive strength and aftercare instructions, preventing issues like extensions are falling out.

What Makes Eyelash Extensions Fall Out Prematurely?

There are several reasons why eyelash extensions may fall out prematurely. The most common cause of lash extension loss is poor application, and maintenance. If you don’t use a special extension lash shampoo to keep your lashes clean, that will mean your lashes are more prone to falling out.

If the lash adhesive used isn’t of good quality or is applied incorrectly, it’s not going to hold the lashes in place as long as it should and this will likely result in them coming loose and falling out sooner than expected.

Another potential reason for prematurity is water or oil exposure. Certain products such as cleaning agents and moisturizers can weaken the adhesive bond holding the extension in place.

Exposure to water can also cause them to come loose much faster than usual. Applying any product near the lash line, such as makeup remover or mascara, can also dislodge the lash hair prematurely due to its oil base, so try to avoid this when possible, as you don’t want bad retention or poor retention of your lash fibers.

Natural shedding of lashes plays a role in how long extensions last before falling out prematurely.

On average, a person sheds up to 4 natural eyelashes every day regardless of whether they have lash extensions or not, so don’t be alarmed if you notice that some of yours have started coming loose earlier than expected – this is normal.

The best thing you can do is ensure that your extenders were applied correctly with professional tools and products by an experienced esthetician; this will help ensure that they last longer, and you get full value for money spent on them.

How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer?

Making your lash extensions last longer is simple and doesn’t require significant effort. First, you want to be sure not to get them wet for at least 24 hours after having them applied.

Also, avoid using oil-based products like mascara or eye makeup remover, as these can cause the glue to break down more quickly.

When washing your face, be sure not to scrub around your eyes too hard, as this could loosen the extensions.

Instead, use a gentle cleanser specifically made for lashes and work it in gently with a soft cloth or cotton pad. Also, try to avoid sleeping on your stomach or rubbing your eyes, since this will cause the extensions to become loose and possibly fall out prematurely.

Make sure that you are brushing through your eyelashes every night with an eyelash comb to keep them neat and free of tangles, so they can stay intact longer. 

Have touch-ups done every couple of weeks as needed, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any concerns about how long they should last or how best to take care of them.

Reasons For Eyelash Extensions Falling Off Next Day

My Eyelash Extensions Only Last A Week – What’s The Cause?

Eyelash extensions are a popular way to enhance your eyelashes and give them a fuller, thicker appearance.

Unfortunately, they often don’t last as long as you would like them to—many people find that their eyelash extensions only last for one week before needing to be replaced.

This can be incredibly frustrating if you’ve paid for the service, only to have it wear out so quickly.

The biggest cause of short-lived eyelash extensions is poor maintenance habits. After having your lashes extended, you need to use special products and techniques when caring for them to keep them in good condition and extend their life span.

For example, getting lash extensions wet within 48 hours of application can cause the bond between the lashes and glue to break down more quickly than usual, which will make the lash look worse much quicker.

Use of oil-based makeup removers or eye creams can also be damaging; these damage the bond of adhesive used on fake lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely.

Sleeping face down or rubbing your eyes too harshly will also damage the bonds and accelerate their demise – mascara should also never be used with these kinds of faux lashes.

Reasons For Eyelash Extensions Falling Off Next Day

Eyelash extensions are a popular way to enhance the appearance of your eyes. However, in some cases, they can fall off the very next day after being applied.

Many factors contribute to why eyelash extensions might not last long.

The first reason is that the adhesive might not have been strong enough to bond the lashes together properly and securely.

Some glues are simply not as effective or durable as others, so it’s important to ask your technician which one they use. It’s also possible that the glue was past its expiration date, meaning it may no longer be able to do its job correctly.

Another common issue is that the reputable lash technician at the lash appointment either didn’t isolate each individual lash correctly or didn’t apply enough adhesive when attaching them.

Without proper isolation and application techniques like when they brush your lashes, there won’t be adequate bonding between lashes and extensions.

If lashes weren’t cleaned thoroughly before being applied, dirt particles can become embedded in any gaps between lashes and cause premature shedding.

The type of mascara you’re using can also play a role in how long eyelash extensions last for; using waterproof mascara or those with heavy formulas can wear away at the glue visibly on the outside, leading them to break apart more quickly than usual.

Natural eyelashes tend to go into their own growth cycle every 4–6 weeks, when older hairs shed away to make room for new ones; this means more frequent salon visits will be necessary if you want your look maintained throughout this period of time, when most shedding occurs naturally anyway, as part of the lash care process.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last Before a Fill?

Lash extensions last between three and four weeks with proper care. Depending on your individual lash growth cycle, their lifespan can vary, but the average time period should stay within this range of time.

To maintain the fullness and keep up appearances, it is necessary to get them refilled every two to three weeks.

This will create a fuller effect as more lashes grow out of the follicles and replace those that have fallen out naturally.

When done correctly by trained professionals, lash extensions can be enjoyed for longer periods of time with reduced need for fill-ups as new growth comes in regularly from the natural lash cycle.

Can You Have A Lash Extensions Lash Fill After 1 Week?

Yes, you can have a lash extension’s lash fill after one week. This is ideal for those who want to maintain their fuller and longer looking lashes but do not need to commit to a full set of extensions every two to four weeks.

A fill will simply add more extensions onto the existing natural lashes, while also removing any that may have grown out or been filled in previously.

A lash fill should last between two and four weeks if properly maintained with regular cleansing and touch ups by your technician.

How Many Natural Eyelashes Fall Out While Wearing Lash Extensions?

How Many Natural Eyelashes Fall Out While Wearing Lash Extensions?

It is natural for a few eyelashes to fall out when wearing lash extensions. This process is known as the natural shedding cycle, and it occurs as lashes reach the end of their growth cycle and naturally shed from the follicle.

While wearing lash extensions, this shedding cycle may be accelerated since an extension puts additional strain on eyelash hairs, potentially causing them to come out earlier than they would naturally.

On average, your natural eyelashes will shed 10-15 each day. As long as the total amount of natural lashes that fall out during a regular day isn’t significantly greater than what would be expected during the normal shedding cycle, then no cause for alarm should exist.

However, if you are noticing a disproportionately large amount of your own lashes falling out (more than 25/day) while wearing extensions, then you should stop getting them until you can discuss this with your lash technician.

It may be due to an underlying medical condition or an allergy to one of the products used in application – in either case, speaking with a professional lash tech would help identify and offer solutions to address any issues that could be causing excessive losses.


If you’re having trouble with your lash extensions not lasting very long, there are a few things you can do to resolve the problem, and keep your lashes looking their best, to make eyelash extensions last. First, take a closer look at your daily habits.

Exposure to water and oil can cause the extensions to loosen and fall out. Second, be sure to get a lash fill every 4 weeks or so to maintain fullness.

Finally, take care of your natural lashes by avoiding anything that could damage them. With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy long-lasting, beautiful lash extensions!