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Mugler Perfuming Brushes – Perfume In a Brush?!

Thierry Mugler are my personal favourite fragrance brand of all time, so I’m always excited by any of their new launches. Fragrances are expensive, and the Mugler fragrances are pricey but they’re some of the most longlasting fragrances I’ve ever tried.

They’re very potent, and one spritz will last all day whereas with other fragrances, you’d have to spritz yourself two to three times. You end up using less product with the Mugler fragrances, but if the high price puts you off trying them, their brand new innovative launch is ideal. The Mugler Perfuming Brushes have launched in three of their iconic scents, and keep on reading to find out all about them.

Mugler Perfuming Brushes - Perfume In a Brush?!

credit: Mugler

Mugler Perfuming Brushes

The Mugler Perfuming Brushes have been designed to be a new way to wear fragrance, wherever and whenever you want. They’re easy to use, and practical too with a brush formula that’s ideal for perfume touch-ups all day long.

The brushes can be applied delicately to the pulse points: the back of your wrists, behind the ear, along the neck, and the travel sized format allows you to enjoy your favourite perfume anywhere.

Mugler Perfuming Brushes - Perfume In a Brush?!

The Mugler Perfuming Brushes are currently available in their three bestselling fragrances; Alien, Angel and Aura. They’re £26 each, and they each contain 7ml of product. If you’ve never tried any of the Mugler fragrances, the three scents are described by Mugler as;

  • Alien

Alien belongs to the Amber Woody Floral fragrance family
– Radiant revelation: Sambac jasmine
– Mysterious revelation: Cashmeran wood
– Enveloping revelation: White amber

  • Angel

Angel belongs to the Oriental Gourmand fragrance family and develops in three facets:
– Celestial Facet: bergamot
– Delicious Facet: red berries
– Voluptuous Facet: vanilla/patchouli

  • Aura

AURA MUGLER belongs to the Oriental Botanical fragrance family and reveals itself through three distinct hearts:
– Instinctive Heart: Rhubarb leaves & Orange blossom
– Botanical Heart: Tiger Liana
– Animal Heart: Bourbon vanilla & Wolfwood

Mugler Perfuming Brushes - Perfume In a Brush?!

Mugler Alien is my holy grail signature scent, so I’m really excited to try the Mugler Perfuming Brushes as it’s such a convenient concept instead of carrying around your perfume bottle/s in your bag.

Sure you can have refillable perfume dispensers, but if you’re sensitive to spray bottles, a brush applicator is so much more gentle and a little more discreet.

All the Mugler scents are strong and statement scents, and thus they’re not for everyone so when you spray one of their perfumes, everyone in the vicinity can smell it which might not be ideal if you’re in the office, or on public transport.

The Mugler Perfuming Brushes allow you to apply fragrance directly where you want it, with no heavy glass fragrance bottles and I wonder how they’d work layered with one another.

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