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Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream Blush

It might only be the second week in January, but brands are already thinking about their Spring makeup collections. There’s so many new products launching, and it’s a touch overwhelming however the Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream Blush collection caught my eye as something a little different.

The UK Maybelline website isn’t the best, especially compared to the US site as it doesn’t show any recent new launches but the Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream Blush collection is a range of six sheer cheek gels, and they’ve touched down at Boots for £8.99 each.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream BlushMaybelline

The Maybelline Cheek Heat Sheer Gel Cream Blush collection launched in the US late last year, so it’s taken a while for it to finally reach UK shores. There are currently only three shades available on the Superdrug website, but the rest are definitely coming.

When I saw the packaging for the gel blushes, they instantly reminded me of the Glossier Cloud Paints and MUA Blushed Liquid Blushes. They both have a sheer yet buildable formula, so I can’t wait to see how the Maybelline version compares.


The blushes are packaged into colour co-ordinated squeeze tubes, with black plastic screw lids. Each blush contains just 8ml, so I feel like £8.99 is expensive as it almost works out at 1ml a £1. I do really like the packaging though, it looks as if it’d be perfect for travel with no unnecessary packaging.

Maybelline Cheek Heat

Described as being a lightweight gel cream, that gives a rush of colour to the cheek. Instantly creating a fresh and luminous sheer cheek flush, with water infused formula with colour pigments to help you achieve a buildable, natural look.


  • Natural Flush of Colour: Flushed cheeks are now at your fingertips – just pat Maybelline Cheek Heat Blusher and you are good to go
  • Oil Free: Won’t clog skin or look too heavy
  • Water Inflused: Super Hydrating and perfect for dry skin, product will blend seamlessly into the skin
  • Lightweight: Natural looking flushed skin for plump, pillowy cheeks


Looking at the swatches of the six shades, I am definitely loving the look of Coral Ember, Rose Flush and Pink Scorch. I like that they’re all quite subtle, but I imagine they’re still buildable with their gel cream formula.

I think they’re perhaps the kind of product you could dab onto the lips with your fingertip too, and they are the perfect lightweight blush for the warmer months.

BUY HERE: Boots / ULTA / Amazon / WalmartWalgreens

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