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Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

The Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 has launched alongside the L’Oreal Paris Beauty Advent Calendar 2021, as two L’Oreal owned brand themed calendars, and they’re both drugstore beauty calendars, which is exciting.

We’ve seen L’Oreal create calendars featuring their luxury brands, but this Maybelline calendar is affordable, and features an amazing selection of their products. 

Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021

The Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 is a twenty-four-day calendar, featuring a mix of Maybelline’s most popular makeup products, and is on sale for €79.90, which I think is a great price considering what you’re getting inside the calendar. 

Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

The Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 features a brightly coloured, pink, purple and red design with lip prints all over, which ties in with the brand’s image. There are twenty-four perforated doors hiding all of the beauty treats inside, and the calendar features just makeup.

Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

What’s more, this calendar features mostly full-sized products, making it even more amazing value for money. Maybelline’s products are drugstore, but they’re one of the higher end brands within the drugstore, so this calendar is great value for money. 

Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021 Contents Reveal!

So, what’s inside the Maybelline Advent Calendar 2021?

  • Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner.
  • Tattoo Liner Eyeliner – 911: Smooth Walnut.
  • Tattoo Liner Gel Eyeliner – 900: Deep Onyx.
  • Lash Sensational Mascara.
  • Lash Sensational eyelash primer.
  • The Colossal Mascara – 01: Black.
  • Brow Ultra Slim Automatic Eyebrow Pencil – 05: Deep Brown.
  • Bronzing Powder City Bronzer – 250: Medium Warm.
  • Lasting Fix Mattifying Powder.
  • Fit Me Powder Blush – 55: Berry.
  • Fit Me Concealer – 15: Fair.
  • Super Stay full coverage liquid concealer – 25: Medium.
  • First Fit Me.
  • Superstay 24 hour lipstick – 510: Red Passion.
  • SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick – 65: Settle for More.
  • SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick – 40: Laugh Louder.
  • SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick – 20: Enjoy the View.
  • Color Sensational Lipstick – 366: Sunset Spark.
  • Superstay Nail Polish 7Days – 76: French Manicure.
  • Nail Polish Color Show – 043: Red Apple.
  • Color Show Nail Polish – 649: Clear Shine.
  • Color Show Nail Polish – 020: Blush Berry.
  • Dr.Rescue Gel Effect Treatment – 001: CC Nails.
  • Dr.Rescue nutrition treatment – 001: All In One.

As well as makeup products for the eyes, brows, lips, cheeks and base, the calendar also features a selection of nail care products too, which is nice. It’s a great calendar, showcasing the best of what Maybelline has to offer. 


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