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Makeup Eraser The Sponge

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

Makeup Eraser have announced their newest launch, and it’s completely different to anything they’ve created before. The Makeup Eraser The Sponge was announced by Trendmood, as the new launch will be featuring in the upcoming Trendmood Box, which is amazing. The Makeup Eraser The Sponge is available from Sephora right here.

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

Makeup Eraser are a brand that specialise in makeup removal cloths. They’re super soft fabric cloths with two different sides, one for makeup removal, and one for gentle exfoliation.

They are special as they allow you to quickly and easily remove your makeup without needing to use cleanser. Plus they’re reusable, machine washable and can last for upto five years. 

The Makeup Eraser The Sponge is a completely new and innovative launch, and is the first ever machine washable makeup sponge – which is very exciting. 

It’s said to use the same ‘WashTech’ technology as the Makeup Eraser cloths, to erase makeup from your sponge by simply machine washing.

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

FIRST EVER MACHINE WASHABLE MAKEUP SPONGE! Bye bye dirty sponges forever! THE Makeup Eraser The Sponge is specially formulated by The Original MakeUp Eraser using the same unique “WashTech” technology to erase makeup out of your sponge by simple machine washing.

Dab or glide to apply foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, highlighter, & more. In circular motions, you can glide and swipe to create a brush like finish. Dab to create the iconic sponge like finish.

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

Our sponge is uniquely designed to be non-absorbent, consequently wasting less of your makeup. Use wet or dry for a flawless application. The wet sponge will expand in size to create a sheer finish. The dryer your sponge. the fuller the coverage.

Our sponge is SO soft and SO squishy, creating a springy sensation for a flawless application. Formulated with fibers similar to MakeUp Eraser, creating a super soft revolutionary experience.

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

Makeup Eraser The Sponge is $18 and has multi-size droplets that allow for maximum waterflow to penetrate deep into THE SPONGE. 

For $18 not only do you get a burgundy coloured makeup sponge, you also get a special pink cleansing egg which will protect your sponge in the washing machine – which is genius.

It’ll help protect the shape of your sponge, and prevent any damage whilst inside the drum of your washing machine, and I think $18 is an amazing price for the sponge and protective egg. 

Makeup Eraser The Sponge

As you can wash the Makeup Eraser The Sponge in the washing machine, you don’t need to use any special sponge cleansers like you would when hand washing any of your beauty sponges.

The sponge has been made with non-toxic dye, lasts up to 6 months and can be used both wet and dry. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try this new sponge. It’s a genius idea and I can’t believe that nobody has created something similar before, and it has now launched as a Sephora exclusive

BUY HERE: Sephora / Makeup Eraser

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