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MAC Powder Kiss Collection

I previewed the MAC Powder Kiss Collection in one of my new launch round ups back in early March, and now it’s finally hit Europe. The MAC Powder Kiss Collection was originally exclusive to Asia, and includes three different products with a powder matte finish.

MAC are always launching something new, and it’s hard to keep up as it feels like they’re launching a new collection every other week. The MAC Powder Kiss Collection includes the Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Colour, the Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow and Powder Kiss Lipstick formulas.

It is *finally* launched right here.

MAC Powder Kiss Collection

MAC Powder Kiss Collection

The Powder Kiss collection is all about the powdery, velvety matte finish and the imagery for the collection is so beautiful, and is perfect for Spring with all of the petals, and pastel shades.

MAC Powder Kiss Collection

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

Described as being matte completely reinvented, creating a romantic soft colour effect on the lips.

With a lightweight and matte formula designed to mimic a backstage makeup technique, where the edges of matte textures are blurred for a hazy effect. 

The innovative formula contains special powder pigments that have been coated with hydrating agents so that the lips are nicely hydrated which is exactly what you want from a matte lipstick formula. Some matte lipsticks can be super drying on the lips, which isn’t necessarily flattering.

There appears to be 16 different shades of the Powder Kiss Lipstick;

  • A Little Tamed
  • Style Shocked!
  • Sultriness
  • Burning Love
  • Shocking Revelation
  • Fall in Love
  • Mandarin O
  • Best of Me
  • Influentially It
  • My Tweedy
  • Impulsive
  • Scattered Petals
  • Mull It Over
  • Lasting Passion
  • Devoted to Chilli
  • Sweet, No Sugar

MAC Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow

If you like matte eyeshadows, you’re going to love the eyeshadows within the MAC Powder Kiss Collection – they look so beautiful.

Normally the packaging of individual MAC eyeshadows have a shiny black plastic compact, with a black insert.

However, for the MAC Powder Kiss Collection, they have a matte effect, and the insert is a matte silver which looks so sleek and complements the powder matte theme of the collection.

The eyeshadows are described as having a weightless kiss of colour on your lids, enveloping the eyes with delicate matte colour with a wonderfully soft, natural effect thanks to Soft Focus Filter Technology.

With an exclusive, long lasting cream matrix formula creating an exceptionally soft texture that is wonderfully effortless to apply and seamless to blend in and does not settle in the crease of the eyelid.

There are ten beautiful shades to choose from;

  • Best of Me
  • What Clout!
  • Strike a Pose
  • Ripened
  • Give a Glam
  • Devoted to Chilli
  • Lens Blur
  • Werk, Werk, Werk
  • Fall In Love
  • So Haute Right Now
MAC Powder Kiss Collection

credit: @b_bangg_

MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour Lipstick

The third and final product within the MAC Powder Kiss Collection is the liquid lipstick formula, which has the same packaging design as the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colours, with a clear tube, but a MAC Lipstick shaped lid.

Except these Powder Kiss lipsticks have a matte effect on both the lid, and the tube which looks so sleek.

The MAC Powder Kiss Collection presents the Liquid Lipcolour formula that is said to give the lips an expressive and extremely matte look.

With a unique formula that’s super creamy, offering the optimal amount of colour in just one application, which also hydrated the delicate skin of the lips for upto ten hours.

Thanks to a special mix of powder and softening properties, the Powder Kiss texture gives the lips volume, smoothness and optimal comfort.

There are 17 different shades to choose from;

  • Got a Callback (midtone mauve berry)
  • MAC Smash (true red)
  • Sorry Not Sorry (dirty pumpkin orange)
  • Burning Love (berry)
  • Billion $ Smile (bright fluorescent pink)
  • Make It Fashun! (fuchsia)
  • A Little Tamed (rosey pink)
  • Make Love To the Camera (deep wine)
  • Devoted to Chilli (burnt red)
  • Mull It Over (midtone nude with pink undertone)
  • More The Mehr-ier (mauvey nude)
  • Resort Season (bright orange)
  • Over The Taupe (midtone dirty nude)
  • Date-Maker (warm nude)
  • ¡Escándalo! (warm coral)
  • Crossfade (coral)
  • Model Off Duty (blue pink)

MAC Powder Kiss Collection

Keep an eye on the MAC UK website to see when the MAC Powder Kiss Collection has fully launched.

BUY HERE: ULTAMAC US / MAC UK / John Lewis / Harrods

All images belong to MAC / @b_bangg_ / @maccosmeticstaiwan

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