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MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit | Nordstrom Sale Exclusive

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts from Tuesday the 4th of August, and the MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit has been revealed as one of the amazing offers you’ll be able to get your hands on. If you’d like to find out more about this Nordstrom exclusive deal, keep on reading..

MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Details

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale can be previewed right here, so you can get an idea of the deals and discounts that will be available once it starts. It’s always recommended that you have a look beforehand, to get an idea of what’s available so you can make a wishlist rather than waiting until the sale is on, and products always sell out quickly.

  • August 4th (Tuesday) – early access for selected Nordstrom Card Members
  • August 13th (the following Thursday) – early access for all other Nordstrom Card Members
  • August 19th – access for everyone

In summary, the higher your Nordy Card status, the earlier you can start shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You can even sign up for a card right now if you’re not already a member, so you’ll still be able to access the sales and discounts which is great. 

MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit

MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit

The MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit is just one of the fantastic beauty deals that are going to be available, and this amazing kit is going to be just $35 right here, however the contents of the kit are worth $61 in value, which is awesome for a brand like MAC.

So what does the MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit include?

  • MAC Full-size Fix+ in Original scent (3.4 oz.)
  • MAC Full-size Fix+ in Watermelon scent (3.4 oz.)
  • MAC Travel-size Fix+ Micro in Original (0.45 oz.)
  • All bundled in a limited-edition Surreal-Pop box

Everyone goes crazy for MAC Fix+ anyway, but throw in a scent and people love it even more. The watermelon scent couldn’t be more perfect for summer, and the bottle is super cute too.

It’s great that the MAC Finishing Touches Fix+ Kit  includes two full sized bottles, and then a miniature size which is ideal for throwing in your bag for makeup refreshment on-the-go. If you love the look of this Nordstrom exclusive set, you can find it right here

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