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Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set

Lush are known for their amazing bath bombs and bubble bars, but if you don’t have a bath tub, or simply don’t enjoy having baths, you might feel like you’re missing out on all of the amazing Lush bath products.

So, Lush has launched the Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set as a special shower-only offering, featuring eight uplifting shower and body delights.

Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set

What Is The Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set?

The Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set is a limited edition gift set, featuring a decorated box, and contains eight shower and body care products. It’s described as being the perfect gift for a citrus shower lover.

This Shower In Lush Gift Set is £62, and comes with a brightly coloured paisley print box, filled with eight different Lush products for use in the shower, and for the body.

Inside the set, you’re getting the following products;

  • Lush Montalbano shampoo bar
  • Lush The Olive Branch shower gel 100g
  • Lush Happy Hippy shower gel 100g
  • Lush Dirty Springwash shower gel 100g
  • Lush Outback Mate soap 100g
  • Lush Repeat foot balm 45g
  • Lush Lime Bounty body butter 45g
  • Lush Orange shower scrub 130g

So, the Lush Shower In Lush Gift Set features a shampoo bar, three different shower gels, a solid soap, a foot balm, a body butter, and also a body scrub. The products chosen for this box all have a citrus theme, and it’s a fun way to try lots of Lush favourites, and it’s available right now.

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