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Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set | Lush Father’s Day 2022

Lush has unveiled their Father’s Day collection for 2022, and the Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set is just one of this year’s offerings. Every year, Lush launches a small collection of gifts and limited edition products for Father’s Day.

And whilst there’s never as many products as their Mother’s Day collection, they’re still great gift ideas. Keep on reading to find out about this fun gift set…

Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set | Lush Father's Day 2022

Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set

Start at the top and lather up with New Shampoo Bar, which has cinnamon and clove oils to stimulate your scalp. Work your way down to cleanse and exfoliate with Big Moustache Soap for face and body, then finish off with Glitch Shower Gel, our energizing, citrusy wash to help reboot your system.

The Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set is £25 / $36, and is a lime green and black gift wrapped box, with lime green twine tied into a bow. Inside the box, there are three Lush grooming treats for the hair, body and bath.

Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set | Lush Father's Day 2022

Inside the set, you get the following three products;

Lush Glitch Shower Gel

Mod your shower routine with our energizing lemongrass oil and lime juice body wash. Hack your morning with this hydrating body wash that cleanses with fresh lemon balm while moisturizing with skin-softening glycerin.

Lush Big Moustache Soap

Grab this face and body soap and pop in the shower for a time-saving scrub. Cleanse your face and body with this fresh, floral, and woodsy charcoal-based soap.

Lush New Shampoo Bar

#BeCrueltyFree with this packaging-free shampoo that helps to stimulate your scalp and add volume with a host of warm, aromatic spices. Spicy and stimulating lather, lasts up to 80 washes.

In addition to the Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set, the Lush Father’s Day Collection 2022 also features;

  • Lush Dirty Bath Bomb
  • Lush Deep Blue Sea Gift Set
  • Lush Superdad Eye Pad Eye Mask

I think the Lush Get (Sur)real Gift Set would make a great Father’s Day gift for men that love their grooming products, or perhaps those that don’t already have a proper grooming routine. It’s a fun little set, and it’s available right now.


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