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Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 [Contents Reveal]

I have another beauty advent calendar for you today, and it’s the Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022. Every year, we see the Lumene 24 Nordic Beauty Calendar launch. Each with a different design, and a different line-up inside, with a tweak to the name. For 2022 it’s Nordic Beauty Treasures, for 2021 it was Nordic Beauty Wonders, and 2022 was Nordic Beauty Surprises.

The Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 has launched, and I’ve shared the Lumene 24 Nordic Beauty Wonders Advent Calendar 2021 and Lumene 24 Nordic Beauty Surprises Advent Calendar 2020 edits with you previously, if you want to check out what the previous year’s calendars were like.

Lumene Nordic Beauty Treasures Advent Calendar 2022

Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

The Lumene Nordic Beauty Treasures Advent Calendar 2022 is €94.95, and will be £99 once it launches in the UK during the month of September, where it will be available at Lumene stockists; Feel unique and Lookfantastic.

This year’s design is similar to last year’s with a Nordic winter snow scene, with tree branches, and falling snow effects, with rose gold foil accents. The sleeve slides off, to reveal the white box, which opens to reveal twenty-four individual numbered boxes, each of which contain a Lumene Beauty skincare treat.

Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 [Contents Reveal]

What’s inside the Lumene 2022 Nordic Beauty Treasures Advent Calendar?

  • Lumene Nordic Clear Tyyni Calming Hemp Oil-Cocktail
  • Lumene Nordic Bloom Lumo Anti-Wrinkle & Firm Moisturizing Eye Cream
  • Lumene Nordic Bloom Anti-wrinkle & Firm Night Moisturizer
  • Lumene Nordic Anti-Wrinkle & Revitalize Rich Day Cream
  • Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Oxygen Recovery 72 H Hydra Gel Mask
  • Lumene Luminous Shine Hydrating & Plumping Lip Gloss
  • Lumene Brow Care Fixing Gel
  • Lumene Bright Eyes Eyeshadow Primer
  • Lumene Instant Luminizer
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Glow Renew Night Serum
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Glow Reveal Moisturizer
  • Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Aqua Serum
  • Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream
  • Lumene Moisture & Relief Rich Day Cream
  • Lumene Nordic Ageless [Ajaton] Radiant Youth Night Elixir
  • Lumene Instant Glow UV Primer SPF30
  • Lumene Stay Volume Mascara
  • Lumene Natural Glow Skin Tone Perfector
  • Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Pure Arctic Miracle 3-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Brightening Day Fluid Mineral Spf30
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Clear Glow Cleansing Gel Scrub
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Fresh Glow Brightening Gel Mask
  • Lumene Nordic-C Valo Glow Boost Essence
  • Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel

The Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 features a great mix of skincare and makeup. With products for the face, eyes, lips, brows with a great mix of sizes too. If you’ve never sampled the Lumene brand, this calendar would be the perfect introduction to Lumene, to enjoy during December.


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