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Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Lights Lacquer is Kathleen Lights’ nail polish brand, and they’ve been teasing their newest collection on Instagram for a couple of weeks now. The Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection is one of many new launches in the last few days.

Beauty brands are now starting to launch collections that were originally planned for March and April, but due to the current global crisis, many launches were pushed back. So there’s going to be a lot of new releases over the next few weeks…

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Lights Lacquer have been doing fun reveals for the shades in the new Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection, with daily reveals of the swatches and only revealed what YNBB meant a couple of days ago.

There were guesses that the YNBB meant ‘your nudes but better’ but it’s actually the Lights Lacquer Your Nudes But Better Collection.

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

I have to admit, I think I actually prefer the ‘your nudes but better’ name, but as you can probably guess, this new collection is all about the nude nail polish shades for all skintones. 

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

The new Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection launches today at 12pm EST (5pm BST), and features six different nude hues.

All the shades have a creme finish, with no shimmer or sparkle and I think it’s my favourite Lights Lacquer collection to date. 

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Y.N.B.B. = (Your Nails But Better) is a timeless collection of your new go-to nudes!

Each shade was created with complexion in mind to enhance, yet compliment all skin tones, giving you a sleek, polished look!
It’s like you’re nails but better! Each shade softly, transforms & elongates your nail palette.

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

The six beautiful shades in the YNBB collection are;

  • Mila – ivory with slight pink undertones
  • Matilda – soft beige
  • Lyla– neutral tan with a hint of pink
  • Emma – warm tan
  • Alyanna – a deep cool-toned chocolate brown
  • Olivia – a rich espresso brown

Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Each of the shades within the Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection will be available individually for $9.50, and also as a bundle for $52 which will save you some money compared to purchasing them individually. 


All images belong to Lights Lacquer.

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