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Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

I think I missed an eyeshadow palette memo, as it seems like it’s all brands are launching right now. The Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette has just launched, and it’s a piece from the limited edition Mert and Marcus Collection.

This palette is £60 and available via the Lancome UK website, alongside the other products within the collection.

There’s the Teint Idole Ultra Duo Stick, L’Absolu Rouge, Transforming Liquid Eyeshadow, Eye Kits and Lip Kits in Mert and Marcus editions.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

Who are Mert and Marcus?

Mert and Marcus is the working name of two fashion photographers (Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott) who work together on a collaborative basis.

Their work and style is influenced by the photographer Guy Bourdin and, together, they have pioneered the use of digital manipulation within their field. So you can only imagine how amazing the promo photography is for this new Lancome collection.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

The Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette is a ten pan eyeshadow palette, with addictive textures and next-level formulas for smoldering eyes. 

Featuring 10 phenomenal shades in 4 ready-to-wear textures. The palette is made from cardboard, with a glossy finish and both the cover and the inside of the palette features photography by Mert and Marcus.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

There is a mirror within the lid, but for £60 you’d expect from a high-end brand like Lancome, that the palette would be a little more robust and higher quality. 

However, as the collab is with two photographers, it could be that the imagery couldn’t be printed on say a plastic palette, so it could only be a cardboard palette.

I do think the palette looks super sleek, with a fab dark and grungy theme which suits the name for the palette perfectly.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

The Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette is described as being a highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette featuring 10 phenomenal shades in 4 ready-to-wear textures.

This palette has been designed so you can create timeless eye makeup looks from Studio 54 to Ibiza, being super versatile with fashion forward matte to razzle dazzle glitters.

Including 4 ultra-dazzling, 3 shiny pearlescent, 2 ultra matte, and 1 iridescent colour to be used as a base, to create any eye makeup look from subtle to dramatic, from day to night.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

  • Gold – This glittering brilliant yellow gold eyeshadow emphasizes lids, inner corners, and Cupid’s bow. Use wet or dry.
  • Otherworldly – This creamy eyeshadow shade contains pearly shimmers, perfect as base shade to radiantly brighten and glow. Use wet or dry.
  • Amethyst – This warm taupe eyeshadow effortlessly metallizes lids with a single swipe, or use a brush for soft blending.
  • Emerald – This deep and vibrant green eyeshadow is perfect for transfixing and embellishing the eyes.
  • Silver sky – This ultra-glittery light blue eyeshadow shade will dramatically drench lids with vivid pigments and dazzling silver glitters.
  • Electrified – This extra vibrant electrified blue eyeshadow color is perfect for sculpting and contouring the lids, or it can be used on the entire lids to create an edgy electrical smokey eye look.
  • Dark Spell – This ultra matte eyeshadow shade creates dense black lids or simply cuts the crease with one sweep. For seamless lining, use with a dampened brush.
  • Dawn – This taupe eyeshadow is perfect for contouring, sculpting and metalizing the eyes.
  • Midnight – This vibrant dazzling midnight blue eyeshadow shade transfixes and metallizes your smokey eye in multi-dimensional glitters. Press on with finger to build opacity.
  • Ultraviolet – This vivid and vibrant eyeshadow shade reveals purple-violet sheen & multi-dimensional glitters. Press across the lid with the fingertip to add one final touch of night allure.

Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

There’s no denying, the Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette looks like a really stunning eyeshadow palette. However, it feels like a strange time for the collection to launch. 

The Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette shades look like the kind of line up you’d see in a winter collection, with more dramatic, smokey and party-ready shadows.  

You can obviously use these kinds of shades all year round, but the Lancome After Dark Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition palette so it won’t be around forever.


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