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Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve tried from Aldi’s beauty range, and the Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask is a product I knew I had to try after reading about it being a dupe for a Sisley product.

Aldi launched a whole Ebony Rose skincare collection back in February, which is said to be *inspired* by the Sisley Black Rose skincare collection.

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask

As a blogger, Aldi’s beauty products are difficult to review and feature because the turnover is crazy. They could launch a face mask tomorrow, but in two weeks it’s gone completely from their website and their stores.

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

When this happens, products can make returns months in the future, so if you ever see an Aldi beauty product you want to try, I’d always recommend buying it asap as you’ll rarely be able to get your hands on it again!

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

The Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask contains 60ml of product within a navy blue, metallic tube and costs just £6.99. The product this mask supposedly ‘dupes’ is the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, which is £119 for the same amount of product.

I’ve never tried the Sisley version, so I can’t draw on comparisons, but if it was a dupe, that would be incredible considering it’s over £110 cheaper.

The packaging is similar shape wise, but the Sisley version has a burgundy coloured tube, and as I said above, the Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask has a navy tube.

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

Transform your skin with a Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask. Deep treat your skin 2-3 times a week with this nourishing face mask. You’ll be left feeling refreshed, revitalised and most importantly relaxed.

The Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask is said to contain Vitamin B3 and Avocado Oil, and helps to promote an illuminated and moisturised complexion for soft and plump skin.

Directions are very simple, you just apply a thick layer of the pink coloured gel cream to the face and neck, and leave the mask in place for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe away any excess. It can be used 2-3 times a week, and it feels very similar in terms of consistency, to the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask.

It feels nicely hydrating, and I never have any excess to ‘wipe away’ after the fifteen minutes. I have dry and dehydrated skin, so I guess my skin absorbs the mask completely, but I prefer to use it as an overnight face mask, as my last skincare product in my skincare routine.

Lacura Ebony Rose Face Mask Review

For a £7 face mask, it’s really lovely. My skin feels so soft and plump the next morning, but the benefits are only visible/felt for around 24 hours after using the mask.

It’s not going to give you long lasting benefits like some masks can, but Aldi do recommend using it 2-3 times a week, which would help keep your skin looking plumped and hydrated. I really hope Aldi makes their Ebony Rose collection permanent, as I really enjoy this mask, and would love to try more from the range. 


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