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KKW x Kris Fragrance Collaboration

Kim Kardashian West announced today, the launch of the KKW x Kris Fragrance. Kim’s fragrance brand; KKW Fragrance is collaborating with her mother; Kris Jenner for the first fragrance collaboration for the KKW Fragrance brand. It doesn’t launch until the 15th of April, but keep on reading to find out a little more. 

KKW x Kris Fragrance

credit: Trendmood1

KKW x Kris Fragrance

Pretty much anything Kim creates is an instant success, so I have no doubt that this #KKWxKRIS collaboration will be an instant sell out due to how popular they both are individually as business women, but also as the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kim has created this collaboration with her mum to celebrate the ‘unconditional love between a mother and daughter’ in time for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day in the UK was the 22nd of March, but in the US it’s the 10th of May.

KKW x Kris Fragrance

The first fragrance collaboration between Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner, celebrating the unconditional love between mother and daughter. 

Opening with a playful wink, the freshness of Freesia and the lustrous personality of Tagete mingle with a splashy Aperol spritz accord providing an effervescent feel to a tender floral heart

KKW x Kris Fragrance

Like the power of unconditional love, a timeless, full-bodied, white floral bouquet connects with nuances of creamy white gardenia and rich night-blooming tuberose capturing the essence of a pure yet, magnetic bond. 

In the back, creamy cashmere woods and glistening golden amber hug the skin for an unforgettable and everlasting impression.

KKW x Kris Fragrance

KKW x Kris Fragrance Notes:

Opening: Splashy Aperol Spritz Accord, Tagete Madagascar, Ivory Freesia

Heart: Lily of the Valley Bells, Lavish Jasmine Grandiflorum, Night Blooming Tuberose, Captivating Gardenia Blossoms

Finish: Creamy Cashmere Woods, Glistening Golden Amber, Alluring Vetiver

KKW x Kris Fragrance

The bottle design for the KKW x Kris Fragrance won’t be for everyone, but there’s another reason why this launch is going to be exciting for KKW fans.

In response to the current global crisis, Kim has announced that 20% of profits from all sales on  from April 15th to May 5th will be donated to @blessingsinabackpack, an organisation that provides food on the weekends for children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

I think it’s amazing that Kim is donating such a big chunk of the profits, of a launch which is undoubtedly going to be a success. The bottle design is unique, with a stone effect bottle with almost a cameo design centre depicting a mother and daughter.

Comments have been very mixed from what I’ve read, but the sentiment behind the KKW x Kris Fragrance is very sweet, especially with the charitable donation.

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