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Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette

If you’re a Juvia’s Place fan, they’ve just dropped their newest eyeshadow palette! The Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette has launched today, and I think it’s the prettiest palette they’ve ever launched. If you’d like to know more about their newest palette launch, keep on reading. 

Juvia’s Place is known for their amazingly bold and vibrant palettes, but their palettes tend to be quite plain in terms of finishes.

There’s usually just straight up mattes or shimmer finishes, but this new palette features multiple different finishes, and it just looks amazing.

Juvia's Place The Wahala Palette

Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette

This Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette is $36 and currently exclusive to their website, but should hopefully launch at BeautyBay very soon too.

The name ‘Wahala’ is said to translate to ‘Drama’ and the name couldn’t be more perfect for this bold and vibrant beauty of a palette.

The new Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette is said to be a one of a kind first 20 pan palette with intense colours.

Featuring a beautiful mix of textures varying from high quality duo chromes, to soft pearl shades, creamy mattes and glitters. Wa- ha- la is a Nigerian Pidgin word. A translation for Drama, trouble and intensity.

Juvia's Place The Wahala Palette

I love the inspiration behind this palette, as it was heavily inspired by the craftmanship of African masks, which are a full embodiment of culture usually used in ceremonial activities.

A mask must come to life by the wearer of the masks to symbolize a mood. We played around with very symbolic colors which represent unity, love, excitement, fruitfulness, boldness, authority, and lastly growth and healing. All of which can be dramatic depending on the wearer of the mask.” – Juvia’s Place

Juvia's Place The Wahala Palette

  • BE YOU: A matte dark berry burgundy
  • UNAFRAID: A shimmery medium toned purple with a frosty finish
  • ENVY: A beautiful shimmer pink-violet duo chrome with light blue pearls
  • WOKE: A matte lavender violet
  • STANDUP: A shimmery champagne
  • PRIDE:  A soft muted matte mauvy nude
  • SIS: A matte cool toned dark brown
  • UNSHOOK: A deep shimmery pewter
  • FIGHTER: A metallic vibrant light medium green
  • GOSSIP: A intense buttery metallic gold with a green undertone
  • OVER SABI: A dark yellow mustard brown
  • PEPPER BODI: A sparkling champagne gold glitter
  • FIRE: A fiery matte intense red
  • RUMORS: A shimmery metallic coppery rose
  • UNSILENCED:  A matte coral red
  • BUSY BODY: A playful bright matte magenta pink
  • POWER: A metallic mermaid blue-green duo chrome
  • YANGA: A sparkling deep aqua green glitter
  • LOVE: A matte Crayola blue
  • CLOUT: A sparkling blue glitter

How incredible are the Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette swatches? Look how beautiful the colours and multiple different finishes are.

This looks like the most amazing summer palette, and the swatches all look so pigmented and multi-dimensional. If you love colour, you’re going to love the Juvia’s Place The Wahala Palette, and it’s available right now. 

BUY HERE: BeautyBay

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