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Is It Possible To Apply Henna Eyeliner? [Top Benefits]

Henna is a special dye, and is used to create amazing, intricate designs on the hands and feet. It works as a long lasting temporary tattoo, but is it possible to apply henna eyeliner?

I’m going to answer that popular beauty question for you, so keep on reading to find out all about whether you can use henna as eyeliner or not.

Is It Possible To Apply Henna Eyeliner?

What Is Henna?

Henna is a small bush, and it is harvested for its leaves. The leaves are dried and ground up into a fine powder, and the henna powder can be mixed with other ingredients to make a henna paste.

This paste is then used to create beautiful designs on the skin, usually as body art or temporary tattoos.

Henna has been used for centuries as a means of expressing creativity, and is often used for special occasions or special spiritual events.

Henna usually lasts for several weeks on the skin before fading. Henna can come in a variety of different colors, from black to bright orange. 

What Is Henna Designed To Do?

Henna is a dye that has been used for centuries to decorate the skin, hair, and nails.

Commonly known as Mehndi, henna has many uses, from making temporary tattoos to using it as a natural dye for tattoos, body art and even natural coloring of fabrics like textiles.

Henna is also used for ceremonial or religious rituals in many countries, primarily in the Middle East or North Africa.

Henna can even be used to temporarily dye the hair and nails and to give a darker color to the skin.

Henna will last for several weeks or even months on the skin and hair, depending on the type of paste and where it is applied. 

What Are The Different Types Of Henna?

There are many different types of henna, and each type offers different benefits. Pure henna is made from the dried leaves and stems of the lawsonia inermis plant.

This type of henna darkens over a few days to a reddish-brown tone and typically fades within a few weeks. Black henna is a combination of henna and other substances like indigo, tea, or even hair dye.

This type of henna is not pure and often contains dangerous chemicals. It gives an intense black color that usually lasts much longer than regular henna, but it can still fade. Try to avoid using black henna where possible, to ensure your skin is protected.

Red henna is created with henna leaves and fruit, and this type of henna usually gives off an orangey-red color.

White henna is a mix of henna, glycerin, water, lemon juice, and sometimes glitter and other additives.

The paste gives a white color with a subtle sparkle on the skin. White henna is great for those who want a fun and temporary design without any commitment.

How Long Does Henna Eyeliner Last?

Is It Possible To Apply Henna Eyeliner?

Yes, it is possible to apply henna as an eyeliner. Many people believe that using henna as an eyeliner can be very safe and is less likely to cause irritation and other irritation-related side effects since it is natural.

However, some believe it is not safe to apply henna as eyeliner, as it’s not deemed as being eye safe.

So, if you’re planning on using henna (anywhere) on the body, do a patch test, to see how your skin reacts to henna pigment. 

Always be sure to use only natural, non-toxic henna products and follow the directions to ensure you get the best results.

How Long Does Henna Eyeliner Last?

Henna eyeliner can last from a few days up to several weeks, depending on how well you look after your henna.

If you want the henna liner to last longer, make sure that you use a good quality of henna, or find a henna specialist to apply it for you.

Once you’ve applied your henna eyeliner, keep the area clean, and avoid unnecessary contact with water.

It’s also a good idea to avoid activities such as hot tubs and swimming, as that could make your henna fade faster. If you do look after your henna liner, it could last up to 20 days. 

Is Henna Bad For The Eyes?

From a medical point of view, henna is generally regarded as safe to use on skin and hair, but you need to be cautious when it comes to the eyes.

It is not recommended to use henna near or on the eyes as the chemicals contained in the paste can cause irritation, dryness, and redness.

Also, damage to the eyes can occur if the henna comes into direct contact with them, as the ingredients differ from formula-to-formula.

Therefore, it is recommended to take precautions while using henna around the eyes. It is safer to use an eye safe liquid liner, instead of a henna tattoo, to prevent any potential issues.

Can You Use Henna In Your Eyebrows?

Can You Use Henna In Your Eyebrows?

Yes. You can use henna in your eyebrows, to dye your brow hairs, like you can with your hair. It is also an affordable and natural way to dye your brows.

The color from henna brows typically lasts between 2-4 weeks before it fades and will need to be reapplied.

Henna brows are easy to apply, and you can use brow stencils to give you the shape you’re looking for. 

Using a henna dye on your eyebrows may cause an allergic reaction, so make sure to do a patch test on a small area of skin before applying it to your eyebrows.

And of course, make sure to use a high-quality and safe henna dye to ensure your safety and best results.

How To Use Henna For Faux Freckles

Thanks to TikTok, Henna is a popular way to give yourself some natural-looking, temporary freckles.

If you want to create henna freckles, you’re going to need henna paste, a stencil, some coconut oil and some petroleum jelly. 

First, you’ll need to mix the henna paste with your coconut oil to create a thin, smooth paste. Use your stencil, and paint your faux freckles wherever you want them. 

After you’ve applied them on your face, cover the area with some petroleum jelly or coconut oil to help the henna dry, and leave for around 30 minutes. Once your henna freckles have dried, remove them with a damp cloth. 


Henna is a safe way to add some temporary color and design to your skin. But it’s important to remember that henna should not be used on the eyes, as it could cause irritation or damage.

You can use henna for eyebrows and faux freckles, but make sure to do a patch test first.

With proper care, henna eyeliner can last for up to 20 days before needing a touch-up.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a natural, affordable and low-maintenance way of dying your eyebrows or adding temporary freckles – henna might be the solution.

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