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How Long Does It Take To Get Lashes Done?

Have you been considering getting lash extensions applied, and you’re wondering how long it’ll take to get them applied?

Well, I’m going to be sharing the answers to how long does it take to get lashes done, and walk you through which type of lashes takes the quickest to be applied, and which takes the longest. Keep on reading to find out more…

How Long Does It Take To Get Lashes Done?

What Are The Steps For Lash Extensions To Be Applied?

Lash extensions provide an amazing way to achieve long, luscious lashes without the hassle of daily makeup applications.

Applying lash extensions can be a time-consuming process, and while it may seem intimidating, anyone can learn to do it if they’re willing to invest the time and patience into practicing. Here are the basic steps that should be followed when applying lash extensions:

1. Preparation: Start by making sure your environment is clean and organized.

Make sure all of your tools are sanitized with hot water, and that your client is comfortable.

Sanitization is essential, to ensure the health of the client is maintained, and for the best results for your clients.

2. Isolation: Gently lift the natural lashes away from the face, and use a tweezers type of tool to separate them, in a technique designed to create space for the lash extensions.

3. Application: Dip the tip of the lash extension into the adhesive, wait for it to become tacky, and then apply it precisely to the natural lash. Hold the extension for several seconds until it’s secure.

4. Finishing: Once you’re done applying the extensions, use a gentle brush to comb through them and make sure everything looks even and neat.

Finish up by applying a nourishing sealant that will help protect the extensions from wear and tear.

Obviously, these are the step-by-steps for you to apply your eyelash extensions yourself.

However, if you were to visit a lash tech, they would do all of these steps for you, applying your extensions to your natural lashes.

How Long Does It Take To Get Lashes Done?

It typically takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to get eyelash extensions.

The length of time required for the application procedure depends on the number of extension lash strips being applied for the style you’re looking for, and the stylist’s level of experience.

For example, an experienced stylist can usually apply a full set in around an hour. If you’re just having a few extensions added, the process will take less time.

During the procedure, you’ll need to lie down and close your eyes while the stylist applies the extensions.

The stylist at the lash salon will first start by selecting individual volume lashes extensions hair fibers and placing them one by one on your natural eyelashes, adhering them with lash glue, before curling and setting them in place within the eye area.

It’s important to mention that lash extensions require regular upkeep and maintenance, and you’ll need to schedule touch-up appointments every 2–3 weeks in order to keep them looking their best.

How Long Does It Take to Get Individual Lashes Done?

When it comes to getting eyelash extensions applied by a professional lash artist, the amount of time it takes will vary depending on the amount of work needed to achieve the look you desire. Typically, the process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

This includes preparation, such as cleaning and priming the natural eyelashes to create a strong foundation for the extensions to adhere to, and selecting the size, length, and thickness of the lash extensions to achieve your desired look.

The lash expert will then carefully apply the extensions one-by-one to each individual natural eyelash, ensuring that the process is done accurately and carefully. 

The time taken can also depend on how many lashes are being applied, as well as how often the person has had their lashes done in the past.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hybrid Lashes Done?

How Long Does It Take To Get Hybrid Lashes Done?

Hybrid lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to add flair and volume to their natural lashes.

These hybrid sets combine classic full-set lash extensions with volume fans for an impressive, luxurious look that’s sure to turn heads.

But if you’re considering getting hybrid lash extensions, you may be wondering how long the process takes.

The time it takes for a hybrid set of lashes is dependent on a few factors, including the number and length of natural lashes, as well as the amount of volume desired.

On average, expect a typical appointment to last around two hours or more, depending on how many individual lash extensions are applied and how thick you would like them.

How Long Does It Take to Get Classic Lashes Done?

Getting classic lash extensions applied usually takes up to two hours. It is a very delicate process that requires skill and expertise.

Lash extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibers, made to mimic the natural lashes, that are applied one at a time onto your own lashes.

It takes a lot of time to accurately and safely place the falsies in the right spot, to ensure the tightest bond and create a beautiful set of lashes.

Your technician will take breaks throughout the application to ensure that their eyes don’t get too fatigued from the close work.

During the process, your technician will carefully evaluate the individual lashes and assess the length, texture, and thickness of extensions for each eye, to create a flattering look.

After the application is completed, you can expect your classic lash extensions to last up to four weeks before needing a fill.

Why Does It Take Longer For A Full Set Of Lashes To Be Applied?

There are a few reasons why it takes longer to apply a full set of lashes compared to a regular lash application.

First, a full set of lashes requires more time and attention to detail to ensure a natural-looking, symmetrical set of lashes.

You will need to measure, trim, and apply each individual lash to create the desired look, which can take some time.

Second, a full set of lashes requires more glue and more precision in placement.

You will need to use more glue to ensure that each individual lash is secure and that the lashes are properly spaced.

Why Does It Take Longer For A Full Set Of Lashes To Be Applied?

This takes extra time and patience to ensure that each individual lash is placed correctly and evenly.

Third, a full set of lashes requires more time to dry. Depending on the type of glue used, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for the lashes to dry and become secure.

Finally, a full set of lashes requires more maintenance. You will need to clean your lashes regularly to ensure that they stay in good shape and to prevent any bacteria or dirt from collecting in the glue.

You will also need to check on the lashes from time to time to make sure they are still secure and that you don’t need to re-apply any glue.

Do You Still Experience Lash Growth Whilst Lash Extensions Are Adhered To Your Natural Lashes?

Yes, you can still experience lash growth whilst lash extensions are adhered to your natural lashes.

However, how much lash growth you experience will depend on your own individual lash cycle and the quality of adhesive used to apply the extensions.

Generally, a full set of lash extensions lasts 6–8 weeks, during which time your natural lashes will still grow and shed.

It’s important to understand that all of your lashes go through a cycle of growing, resting and shedding, and as part of this cycle, some may shed at a quicker rate than lash extensions.

During your regular eyelash extension maintenance appointments, your beautician will remove shed natural lashes, as well as any lash extensions that have come loose.

This allows your existing extensions to stay in place while allowing space for your new natural lashes to grow and replace the old ones.

Do You Need To Tip Your Lash Extensions Lash Technician?

If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions, you may be wondering if you should tip your lash technician.

The answer should depend on the service you receive and your relationship with the technician.

Tipping your lash technician is optional, but it’s always appreciated when you do.

If you’re happy with your lash extensions and the service you received, tipping your technician is a great way to show your appreciation and support them.

When deciding how much to tip, a general guideline is to tip the same amount that you would tip a hairstylist or a massage therapist—typically 20%. If you receive a discount or special pricing, you may want to adjust the amount you tip accordingly.

Do You Need To Tip Your Lash Extensions Lash Technician?

Of course, if you’re really happy with your service and the technician did an exceptional job, you may want to tip more.

It is important to note, however, that many salons and spas have a policy prohibiting their employees from accepting tips. So, be sure to check before you offer to tip.


In summary, in answer to how long does it take to get lashes done, it depends on the type of lash extensions you’re having applied.

If you’re having a full set of volume lashes, they’re denser with more lash fibers, and they take longer to be applied.

If you’re just having an infill session, the appointment will be a lot shorter.

In general, you’re looking at least two hours for the appointment, so ensure you allocate enough time, if you are planning on having lash extensions applied.

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