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How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

Long, lush lashes are a beauty must-have, but achieving them can be time consuming and not to mention expensive.

Magnetic lashes are the newest trend in eyelash enhancement, and they come with several advantages over traditional false eyelashes.

But how long do magnetic lashes last? I’m going to share the answer, and why you should consider giving magnetic lashes a shot.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are an exciting and innovative new way to enhance your beauty routine.

These false lashes are constructed of multiple small magnets that adhere together, eliminating the need for messy lash glue.

Instead, the false eye lashes attach with a quick snap, letting you get ready in half the time. You can still achieve a dramatic look perfect for any occasion .

From everyday wear to special occasions like weddings or graduations. Magnetic eyelashes are also lightweight and reusable, giving you more bang for your buck in the long run.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

False eyelashes are an effortless way to add volume and length to your natural lashes, giving them a fuller look.

Standard false eyelashes require the use of lash glue, but magnetic false eyelashes take lash application to the next level with the use of magnets.

Magnetic false eyelashes come in two strips – one for your top and one for your bottom lashes.

Each strip is embedded with powerful magnets that attract the opposing strips together.

The magnetized eyelash forms a cling-like phenomenon on the eye’s lid, creating an even more secure grip than what traditional methods provide.

If applied correctly, magnetic false eyelashes can stay-put all day long with no need for reapplication or touch ups.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Magnetic Lashes?

The use of magnetic lashes is becoming increasingly popular among makeup wearers.

Magnetic lashes offer many advantages over traditional adhesive lashes, and are a great option for those who want to switch from using glue to using magnets.

The main benefit of using magnetic lashes is that they are much less likely to cause irritation or damage to the eyelids.

This is due to the fact that magnets provide a gentler, adhesive-free hold than traditional adhesive strips.

Another great benefit of magnetic lashes is that they are much easier to apply. Instead of carefully applying eyelash glue and making sure the strips are lined up flawlessly.

Magnetic lashes are simply held in place with tiny magnets that surround each lash, with each magnet spaced out along the lash band.

This makes them much easier and faster to apply, perfect for those looking for a quick makeup look.

Magnetic lashes also provide a more natural look than traditional adhesive lashes, giving your eyes a softer, more believable appearance.

Lastly, magnetic lashes are reusable and can last for up to 30 uses, making them a much more cost-efficient option than traditional adhesive lashes, and less damaging than conventional lash extensions.

What Are The Downsides To Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are an interesting and relatively safe option for those who want to add volume and length to their lashes, but they are not without downsides.

The first downside to magnetic lashes is that they can be difficult to apply, especially since they require the use of multiple small magnets.

This can be very time consuming and require a lot of patience and practice in order to get it right.

Magnetic lashes can be expensive, as they often come in sets or require individual purchases of magnets.

Finally, it is important to remember that if not applied correctly, magnetic lashes can cause discomfort and possible damage to your natural lashes as the magnets can potentially pull at them.

For these reasons, it is important to make sure that you follow the instructions for applying magnetic lashes and check for YouTube tutorials on how best to apply them.

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?

Yes, magnetic false lashes are reusable. With ordinary false lashes, you have to apply eyelash adhesive to the lash band.

Allow that glue to become tacky, and then hold the lash band against your natural eyelashes, until the lashes have adhered.

Once you remove your lashes at the end of the day, there’s residual lash glue on the spine of the lashes, and whilst you can gently remove the residue with a pair of tweezers, it’s still a faff to clean up in between each use.

With magnetic eyelashes, you’re not applying glue to your lashes, as the lashes are being adhered with either sets of magnets, or with the use of a magnetic eyeliner.

Both of which, make magnetic eyelashes very easy to reuse. Plus, magnetic eyeliner can be dissolved easily with some micellar water or eye makeup remover and a q-tip.

How Do You Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

Applying magnetic eyelashes is easier than it looks. To get started, the first step is to apply magnetic eyeliner, which acts as a glue that magnetic lashes adhere to without any messy adhesive.

Once you’ve applied the magnetic eyeliner in the same way you would normally apply any liquid eyeliner, allow time for it to dry.

It’s best to do your magnetic eyelash application on completely dry eyes with no eye makeup present.

You can then take your magnetic lashes and place them as close as possible to your lash line above your natural lashes.

Make sure none of them overlap, so the magnets will have enough space for attaching to each other when resting against the magnetic eyeliner.

After finding the perfect position, gently press down on all magnet points to secure them in place, and enjoy your look.

How Do Magnetic Lashes Stick To Your Natural Lashes?

These magnetic lash kits use tiny magnets to stick onto your natural lash line, and the best part is that this type of makeup product is both easy to apply, and remove from your real lashes.

The magnetic strip contains small neodymium magnets which have an electromagnetic pull that helps keep the false lashes secure against the base of your natural eyelashes for all-day hold, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off easily.

Also, with these sets of lashes, they are a great choice for those with sensitive eyes as they don’t contain any harsh adhesives that can irritate the area.

I, myself, have a latex allergy, and whilst you can get latex free lash adhesive, using magnetic liner and magnetic eyelashes, means I don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to standard lash glue, if you have sensitive skin.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

Magnetic lashes are made to last for up to 25-30 wears if stored properly, meaning that you can use them multiple times without having to buy a replacement set.

To make sure your magnetic lashes last as long as possible, it’s important to treat them with care and store them safely.

After each use, gently remove the lashes from your eyes, being careful not to pull or tug on the lash band.

Once removed, carefully separate the faux lashes from each other and store in their original packaging or in a case made just for lash storage.

Make sure to keep your magnetic lashes away from moisturizers, oils, and other liquids that can damage them.

How Many Hours Can You Wear Magnetic Lashes For?

You may be wondering how many hours can you wear magnetic lashes for? The great news is that some wearers report being able to wear them for 12 full hours or longer with very minimal touch-ups, after the initial magnetic lash application process.

To maximize the lashes’ shelf life, ensure that you are using clean hands to apply them and removing dirt and makeup from your natural lashes before putting on the new pair.

It’s also important to avoid sleeping in them, as this will make them more prone to breaking, which could shorten their life span.

Do Magnetic Lashes Harm Your Natural Eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes offer an easier alternative to traditional lashes, but there are potential risks involved when wearing them.

A key downside of magnetic lashes is that due to their design, they can put more strain on your natural eyelashes than traditional methods as the magnets weigh heavier.

Also, if you’re not careful with the application of the magnetic liner, this can also cause damage to your natural eyelash follicles and cause breakage or premature shedding of lashes.

What Happens To Magnetic Lashes If You’re Caught In The Rain?

What happens if I get caught in the rain? Well, the good news is that magnetic lashes are water-resistant and will hold their shape regardless of how much moisture they come in contact with.

However, it is still important to ensure you properly apply them according to the instructions, as too much water may affect the grip of the magnet and reduce their performance.

If you can, as soon as possible after getting caught in a downpour, gently pat your lashes dry before giving them another careful application of mascara overtop to help further strengthen their hold.

Which False Lashes Last Longer: Magnetic Lashes Vs Original False Lashes?

When it comes to false lashes, many people are curious as to which kind of lashes last longer.

Magnetic lashes, which consist of a pair of false lashes that are attached to one another with magnets, and original false lashes, which involve the use of adhesive glue, are both popular options.

When comparing the two, magnetic lashes have an advantage in terms of longevity and durability.

Magnetic false lashes can last for several hours, sometimes for an entire day, depending on the specific product and how carefully the application was done.

On the other hand, original false lashes don’t last quite as long. Due to their reliance on adhesive glue, they can last anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, with some lasting up to a week.

Overall, while both types of false lashes can provide a beautiful look and can last for a reasonable amount of time, magnetic lashes are typically longer lasting than original false lashes.

So, if you’re looking for false lashes that will stay put for several hours, magnetic lashes may be a better option than original false lashes.

Which False Lashes Last Longer: Magnetic Lashes Vs Original False Lashes?

How Should You Store Your Magnetic Eyelashes?

Storing your magnetic eyelashes properly is essential to keeping them in good condition and maximizing their longevity.

To start, use a clean, dry surface to apply the lashes so they don’t become dirty or damaged.

Once you’re done wearing them, be sure to peel away only one magnet at a time, starting at the outer corner and outer edge, instead of just pulling the entire fake lashes strip off. You’ll also want to store them in a safe place where they won’t get crushed or bent.

For extra protection and convenience, find an eyelash storage case with coordinating compartments designed specifically for holding multiple pairs of magnetic lashes.

Lastly, remember to clean the magnetic liner lashes with a cotton swab and lash cleanser after each wear. This will ensure your eye health is protected, as well as your delicate magnetic eyelashes.

Do You Apply A Layer Of Mascara Over The Top Of Magnetic Lashes?

When it comes to magnetic lashes, a great deal of thought must go into their application. Even though they’re considered semi-permanent, you should take care when applying this type of lash.

Many people have found success with adding a layer of mascara over the top of their magnetic lashes.

This helps them to blend the false eyelashes even more with their own natural lashes, as long as they’re accustomed to wearing mascara.

What Are The Best Magnetic False Eyelashes?

If you’re new to this trend, there are many great options available that provide an easy and mess-free way to switch up your look.

My top recommendations for magnetic false eyelashes are Ardell’s Accents Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit, Eylure’s Magnetic Lashes with Eyeliner, and Glamnetic Long Round Lashes.

These all boast superior quality materials without the hefty price tag, so you can get the same high-end look without breaking the bank. 


Magnetic lashes are a great option when it comes to false eyelashes because they last longer than the traditional adhesive glue-based ones.

They can provide a beautiful look that lasts for several hours and, with proper care and storage, can even last up to an entire day.

When applying magnetic lashes, be sure to use a clean surface and peel away only one magnet at a time.

I’d recommend getting a specific eyelash storage case, for extra protection and convenience. 

Finally, it’s important to remember that some people apply a layer of mascara over their magnetic lashes to help them blend more seamlessly with their natural lashes.

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