Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara

If you suffer with super sensitive eyes, and like a more gentle mascara, the new Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara could be worth a try. Gosh already did a normal version of their Catchy Eyes Mascara, but they have now launched a new version of the Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara which is allergy certified making it suitable for those with the most sensitive of eyes.

Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara
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Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara

Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara 2


The curved brush reaches and grips even the tiniest lashes and enhances length.



  • Volume & curved lashes after one coat
  • Increases look of lash volume
  • Long-wearing – lasts through rain, sweat, tears
  • Unique, curved brush reaches the tiniest lashes
  • Captures, coats & de-clumps lashes
  • Packaging made of Ocean Waste Plastic – OWP
  • Allergy Certified
  • Perfume free
  • Vegan


What does allergy certified mean?

Choose a product that has been AllergyCertified. AllergyCertified is an international certification organization founded in Denmark in 2015. When choosing products carrying the AllergyCertified label you can rest assured that our toxicologists have gone through every single ingredient and made a risk assessment.

When seeing the AllergyCertified label on a product you can be sure this is a product where there is minimal risk of developing an allergy.

Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara 2

The Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara is £8.49 and available in just one shade right now which is Black. The wand is synthetic and plastic, with tiny plastic spiky bristles on a curved shaped wand.

It is incredible that this mascara’s packaging has been made with 50% ocean waste plastic, and for every tube they make, they use 2 plastic bags from the sea.

It would be amazing if more brands did similar initiatives for their packaging and the Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara in the allergy certified version, isn’t any more expensive than their regular version.

I haven’t ever tried the original ‘pink’ version of this mascara, but I’m definitely tempted by this new one as it’s such an innovative concept, and my eyes can be very sensitive, so I think the formula would work really well, especially during hayfever season.


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