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Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection [Lip Swatches]

It’s been a long time since the last Glossier lip launch, but the brand is launching the new Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection.

Their last lip launch was the Glossier UltraLip Lipstick Collection, back in 2021. I personally love the UltraLip lipsticks, so I’m really excited about this brand new formulation.

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Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

The Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection is a brand new opaque lipstick formula, which took 3 years to develop. 

To tease this newest launch, Glossier posted a mood board post on Instagram, sharing various ‘suits’, including a tracksuit, a power suit, a birthday suit and a swimsuit. 

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

Glossier say they created the G Suit Lipstick to stand out, on the lipstick wearer, within the Glossier lip portfolio, and within the industry as a whole. With the brand wanting to break barriers on when, how and where bold lipsticks can be worn, to enhance the wearer’s personality and mood. 

The inspiration behind the Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection, is all about ‘suiting yourself’, allowing you to decide your look. 

It took Glossier three years to develop, and the new lipstick texture and finish is inspired by the soft-touch silicone material of phone cases. To give you a demi-matte, creme formula, gliding smoothly on the lips, to deliver high-pigment payoff, in just one swipe.

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

When it comes down to the formula, and the ingredients, The Glossier G Suit Lipsticks have been formulated with lip-loving ingredients, such as shea butter, which will enrich your lips with antioxidants and fatty acids, there’s rose wax silica to give the beautiful blurring, soft-touch effect.

Whereas black raspberry seed oil is there to help moisturize dry lips, and orchid complex is what gives the liquid lipsticks the amazing, easy-glide on texture, for effortless application.

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection Lip Swatches

The Glossier G Suit Lipstick is available in nine different lipstick shades;

  • Drive (rich warm-toned brown)
  • Shift (deep burgundy)
  • Jet (true blue-toned red)
  • Strike (burnt orange red)
  • Curve (cool dusty mauve)
  • Flip (warm toned peony pink)
  • Tempo (rich fuchsia berry)
  • Lane (natural brown)
  • Pilot (bright cool toned pink)

The Glossier Pilot G Suit Lipstick shade is exclusive to the Glossier website, so you won’t be able to pick it up from Sephora, but the other eight shades will be available at both Glossier’s website, and also on the Sephora website, and Sephora stores. 

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

All of the shades are inspired by bold color, to ignite a feeling of confidence, with shades that felt robust, vigorous and inspired by movement. With the shades being empowered to make the wearer stand out, and feel their full potential, in one full swipe.

Glossier has designed the new liquid lipsticks to have baby pink packaging (like the rest of the Glossier packaging), with a peekaboo window in the base of the tubes, so you can easily see which shade is which.

Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection

The liquid lipsticks have a doefoot application, allowing you to easily line and fill-in your lips all-in-one, for the perfect, bold finish. Although, you can also achieve a soft focused, more diffused look, by applying the lipstick to the center of your lips, and blending and buff out the edges with your fingertip, or a lip brush. 

So, when does the Glossier G Suit Lipstick Collection launch? The lipsticks will launch on the Glossier website on the 25th of April, and if you want to pick up a shade (or two) from Sephora, they’ll be launching on the 5th of May, where the lipsticks will be $22 each, and will be available right here

BUY HERE: Glossier / Sephora

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