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Glamlite Restaurant Wipes

Glamlite are all about the weird and the wonderful, and the Glamlite Restaurant Wipes are their newest product to launch.

If you’ve never come across the Glamlite brand before, their products are all based on food and treats. You’ll have no doubt seen their Pizza Palette, but they also have a Taco Palette too.

Glamlite Restaurant Wipes

Glamlite Restaurant Wipes

Glamlite are all about the makeup, so the Glamlite Restaurant Wipes are somewhat of a surprise. 

They’re described as being ultra soft and gentle cleansing towelettes, that promise to remove excess oil, dirt and stubborn makeup with ease – even waterproof mascara. 

Glamlite Restaurant Wipes

Each wipe is said to be infused with aloe leaf extract and vitamin E. They’ve been formulated to leave your skin looking radiant and hydrated after every use.

They’re also fragrance free, are just $5 and are said to be free from toxins too. I get their whole food aesthetic, but designing the packaging do they resemble a cleaning product is so strange to me.

I know it’s just an aesthetic, and they’re for the face rather than cleaning tables but it really isn’t doing it for me. It’s great they’re affordable, and fragrance free but these are just a little too weird for my liking – and the name? Restaurant Wipes?


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